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barren not productive, bare
vicious evil, bad; spiteful having bad habits or an ugly disposition; painfully severe or extreme
dissuade to persuade not to do something
indifference a lack of interest or concern
indulge to give in to a wish or desire, give oneself up to
verify to establish the truth or accuracy of, confirm
bewilder to puzzle completely, confuse
inflict to give or cause something unpleasant, impose
consolidate to combine, unite; to make solid or firm
fickle liable to change very rapidly, erratic; marked by a lack of constancy or steadiness, inconsistant
pending waiting to be settled. until
prominent standing out so as to be seen easily; important, well known
reluctant unwilling, holding back
amiss faulty, imperfect, not as it should be. in a mistaken or improper way
detest to hate, dislike very much, loathe
fluster to make or become confused, agitated, or nervous. a state of confusion or agitation
catastrophe a large scale disaster, misfortune, or failure
prudent cautious, careful, showing good sense
simultaneous happening or existing at the same time
melancholy sad, gloomy, unhappy. sadness, gloominess
ordeal a difficult or painful experience, a trial
vital having life, living; necessary to life, essential; key, crucial
botch to repair or patch poorly; make a mess of. a hopelessly bungled job
grueling very tiring, calling for an extreme effort
lavish overly generous, extravagant, abundant. to spend or give freely or without limit
adequate sufficient, enough
havic very great destruction, ruin; great confusion and disorder
implore to beg earnestly for
mull to think about, ponder; to grind or mix; to heat and flavor with spices
vindictive bearing a grudge, felling or showing a strong tendency towards revenge
clarification the act of making clear or understandable, an explanation
mellow ripe, well matured; soft, sweet, and rich; gentle, pleasant. to become gentle and sweet
rant to speak wildly and noisily. loud, violent talk
reinforce to make stronger with new materials or support
turmoil a state of great confusion or disorder; mental strain or agitation
blurt to say something suddenly or without thinking
diminish to make or become smaller, reduce in size
fluctuate to change continually; move up and down
foster to bring up, give care to; to promote, encourage. in the same family but not related by birth
revere to love and respect deeply, honor greatly
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