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PUBLIC LAW 86 - 373 Administrator of EPA to advise president od radiation matters including guidance and execution with states
PUBLIC LAW 97 - 35 consumer patient radiation health and safety act of 1981
PUBLIC LAW 97 - 35 PURPOSES Provide standards by GOV Accredidation of Education program for radiologic procedures and cert //ensure medical and dental are within standards
Natural Radiation Origins Cosmic - Sun and Stars //Rad increases w/ increased elevation// radioactive substances - radiopotassium, radiocarbon, uranium
background radiation accounts for ____% or more of exposure to general public 50%
Manmade radiation origins Fallout from nuclear weapons testing, tunsten, effluents from nuclear power plants, radioactive materials used in industries, Medical and Dental exposure
Medical and Dental Xrays account for __ % of manmade radiation exposure 90%
3 Cardinal principles of radiation time, distance, shielding
PUBLIC LAW 88 - 376 collect, inform and dissiminate about Rad protection
cover for _______ during floro bucky slot
use lead ____ and ____ during flouro gloves, aprons
true/false... eyes are critical organs affected by radiation true
increase ______ when doing portable and flouro exams disease
remain in ______ booth when available shielded
hold/dont hold patient during exposure dont hold
use immobilization devises yes
if patient must be held, you must stay out of the _______ primary beam
true /false ...goal is to keep radiation exposure at least amounts true
10 basic radiation control principles apply cardinal principles, Do not allow false security, Never in primary beam, always protective appearal, proper wearing personal monitoring devices, Never hold patient, protective for all, Use gonadal shielding, avoid pregnant patients,collimate smalles
Types of beam limiting devices aperature daiphram, cones, collimator
purpose of beam limiting devices limit size or beam, limit area of exposure to reduce harmful effects
inherent filtration filtration by glass envelope and cooling oil layer through which the beam must pass after leaving target, usually 5mm equivalent
added filtration produced by thin sheets of alluminum, emits a higher percentage of low energy
true / false // as filtration is increased, so is beam quality, but quantity is decreased true
total filtration = ? inherant + added filtration
What is minimum required ___ mm aluminum equivelant required for 70 KVP and higher 2.5 MM
true / false // increase energy decrease skin dose, increase penetrability, increase quality true
optimum KV increases/decreases skin dose because of decrease interactions with tissues decrease
shorter time = decrease pt dose and reduces pt dose
slow speed film/combination screens are used for small children and infants to abtain more ________ films detailed
8 - 10 cm parts use what speed screens? medium or high speed screens routinely
what do you use greater than 70 KVP or 10 CM? A grid
6 methods used to avoid repetitive radiographs proper technique, proper positioning, appropriate marking, Correct patient ID, No motion with proper instructions and restraints if needed, appropriate maintanance and testing
10 day rule for women exams be performed only during the first 10 days of onset of a period "ovulation and pregnancy are less likely to occur
where do you need primary barrier? where the beam hits wall directly
primary barrier. X ray machines to 140 KVP= ___ inch lead extending ________ up the wall from floor when tube is 5-7 FT from the wall. 1/16 inch, 7 FT
secondary barrier/ X ray machine to 140 KVP=___ inch extending from ______ inch below top of primary barrier to ceiling. 1/32 inch, 1/2
What MM must the bukcky slot cover be for flouroscopy? .25mm
exposure switch is what type? dead man type
Fouroscoptic timer uses audible signal or interuption of beam after how long? 5 minutes
How far away should you try and be when using mobile / surgical procedures? 6 FT
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