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Vocabulary workshop

Level A Unit 13 definitions

vocabulary wordmeaning
adhere 1 to stick to, remain attached
adhere 2 to be devoted or loyal as a follower or supporter
affirm 1 to declare to be true, state positively
affirm 2 to confirm
atrocity 1 an extremely wicked, brutal, or cruel act
atrocity 2 something very bad or unpleasant
audition 1 a trial hearing for a performer
audition 2 to conduct or perform a hearing for a performer
cope 1 to struggle successfully against
cope 2 to prove to be a match for, deal with satisfactorily
cope 3 a long religious cloak
cope 4 a canopy
deter to discourage, scare off, or prevent through fear or doubt
disquieting causing uneasiness or worry
empower 1 to give power or authority to
empower 2 to enable
empower 3 to permit
fluent speaking or writing easily and smoothly, flowing gracefully
lag 1 to move slowly or fall behind
lag 2 to bring up the rear
lag 3 a falling behind
lag 4 the amount by which someone or something is behind
lag 5 an interval
mangle 1 to injure very seriously by cutting, tearing, crushing
mangle 2 to bring to ruin
misapprehension a wrong idea, misunderstanding
optimist 1 one who expects things to turn out for the best
optimist 2 someone who looks on the bright side of things
prowl to roam about in search of something
stupefy 1 to make stupid, dull, or groggy
stupefy 2 to surprise or astonish
sulky 1 in a bad or nasty mood, resentful
sulky 2 gloomy
supplement 1 something added to complete a thing or make up for a lack
supplement 2 a section added to a book or a document
supplement 3 to provide an addition or completion
surge 1 to have a heavy, violent, swelling motion (like waves)
surge 2 a powerful forward rush
trait 1 a quality or characteristic (especially of personality)
trait 2 a distinguishing feature
unscrupulous 1 dishonest
unscrupulous 2 not guided or controlled by moral principles
Created by: sebbott