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Rad Safety 03/4/08

Rad safety 13.1-5

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Established in 1979
NRC limits the ammount of protection for workers and non-workers
Public law 86-373 charges the Administrator of the EPA to advise the President with respect to radiation matters directlt or indirectly affecting health
title 9 of law 97-35 Patient-Consumer Radiation Health and Safety Act of 1981
Public Law 97-35 provides for the establishment of minimum standards by the Federal Government fo rthe Accrediatation of Education programs for persons who do administer radiologic procedures
Pub Law 97-35 insures the Med/Den rad. procedures are consistent with rigorous safety precautions and standards
Natural radiation Orgins Cosmic- (sun, stars), radioactive sub.- (radiopotassium, radiocardon, URANIUM),
Pub. Law 88-376 collect data, inform, deciminate and analyze information
background radiation accounts for more than ______ of the exposure the general public receives 50%
Manmade origin Fallout, effluent from nuclear power plants, radioactive materials used in industries, med/den exposure
med/den xrays along with radioactive materials account for _______ of manmade radiation exposure ot general public 90%
Cardinal principles of radiation protection to the patient are time (decrease exposure), Distance (increased decreases scatter radiation(exposure) and shielding
Radiation Protection to personnel are cover bucky slot, gloves, eyeglasses, increase distance, remain in shielding booth, dont hold patient, use immobilization devices if hold patient STAY OUT OF THE PRIMARY BEAM
protection to the public keep radiation exposure well below adverse levels likely to be observed during a lifetime
ten radiation control principles cardinal principles of radiation, be ware of false security, never stand in direct beam, always wear protective appearal, proper wearing of personnel monitoring device, never hold pat., use gonadal shields, examine female pelvis 10 afterperiod, collimate
Beam Limiting Devices (BLD) apperature diaphragm, cones, collimator
aperature diaphragm (simplest) on tube head
cones primarily used in den
collimator most commonly used and effective
purpose of BLD's limit size of beam
Inherent filtration between tube and collimator - beam must pass through glass envelope and cooling oil layer after leaving the target .5mm equivalent
added filtration tiny sheet of aluminum attached between tube housing and collimator
increased filtration =increased beam quality but decreased quantity
optimum kv = decreased skin dose
shorter time = decreased patient dose =reduced chance of motion
thickness greater 10cm use grid
Who collects data information and deciminate, analyze information against radiation NRCP
Created by: flexx