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Drawing and CAD

7th Grade Technolgy Mr. Rice

STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
CAD Computer-Aided design
The Triangle is the tool that is drawn against when making vertical (up and down) lines
T-Square allows you to draw horizontal (sideways) lines on your paper
If you are Right Handed The head of the T-square would be put on the left side of the drawing board.
If you are Left Handed The head of the T-square would be put on the right side of the drawing board
Title Block The area containing important information about the drawing
Lettering Is the word engineers use for the word "printing"
Dashed (broken line) This is the line used to show bards of the drawing that can't be seen; also known as the "Hidden Line"
Dimensions Line This is the line that contains the measurements on a drawing
Guide Lines are the light lines that allow one to properly letter in uniform fashion
Multi-view Drawings Another name for this is working drawings and orthographic projections.
French Curve is used in drawing irregular (uneven) arcs, bends, and radii.
Circle Template makes round shapes
Design another name for the project drawing, plans, or blueprint
Modeling is using replicas, drawings, or computers to represent an object
Small Scale Model is the least expensive representation of an object to build
Prototype is a full scale model and is the most expensive representation of an object to build
Prototypes are built before an item like an automobile is mass produced.
Co2 Cartridge provides the thrust(power) for your care to go fast. Drag and friction will slow your car.
Streamlining (changing the shape by rounding) a car to reduce air pressure improves the aerodynamics
Engineering is the application of science, math, and technology
Created by: laxcoach1
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