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Release the Exterior

Cool Acrid

What herb disperses wind-heat, vents rashes, and unconstrains LR qi? Bo He
What is the nature and flavor of Bo He? Acrid, Aromatic, and Cool
Menthae Haplocalycis Herba is latin for what herb? Bo He
What is the coldest herb in this category? Niu Bang Zi
What herb helps to moisten the intestines in cases of internal heat causing constipation? Niu Bang Zi
What herb helps to vent rashes, clear the eyes, and stop spasms? Chan Tui
What is the nature and flavor of Chan Tui? Sweet, Salty, Cold
Mori Folium is latin for what herb? Sang Ye
What herb, in addition to dispersing wind-heat, also acts to clear the lung & moisten dryness and cool the blood & stop bleeding? Sang Ye
Ju Hua is most often used to treat what part of the body? Eyes (red, swollen, dry painful eyes, blurry vision, spots in vision)
Viticis Fructus is latin for what herb? Man Jing Zi
What herb is used to release the exterior in both hot and cold disorders due to its mild nature? Dan Dou Chi (Mu Zei is also mild)
Which herb in this category is one of the few to promote sweating? Fu Ping
Which herb promotes urination and reduces edema? Fu Ping
Which herb is used as an auxiliary herb to stop bleeding in cases of blood in the stool and bleeding hemorrhoids? Mu Zei
Equiseti Hiemalis Herba is latin for what herb? Mu Zei
Which herb acts on the muscle layer while also generating fluids? Ge Gen
This herb helps to raise yang qi and stop diarrhea. Ge Gen
Puerariae Radix is latin for what herb? Ge Gen
Which is a very useful herb to treat Shaoyang disorders with alternating chills and fever? Chai Hu
What function does Chai Hu and Bo He have in common? Unconstrains/spreads LR qi
What function does Chai Hu and Sheng Ma have in common? Raise Yang qi
Bupleuri Radix is latin for what herb? Chai Hu
What herb is commonly used to clear heat and toxicity in the upper party of the body for conditions like swollen painful or ulcerated gums, sore and swollen throat, and mumps? Sheng Ma
There are several herbs in this category that act to outthrust rashes. Name 4 of them. Bo He, Niu Bang Zi, Chan Tui, Fu Ping, Ge Gen, Sheng Ma
What is the latin for Ju Hua? a. Flos Chrysanthemi Indici b. Chrysamthemi Flos b. Chrysanthemi Flos ("Indici" is Ye Ju Hua)
What herb cools blood and stops bleeding for mild cases of vomiting blood? Sang Ye
Created by: ElisaDanger