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Heat Clearing

Herbs that Clear Yin Vacuity Heat

What channel entry and nature do all Yin Vacuity heat clearing herbs have in common? Liver and cold
In the summer, your patient presents with hot flashes, especially during the night. What herb would you add to your prescription? Qing Hao, Herba Artemisiae Annuae (also good for maleria)
A young mother (with her brand new infant) walks into your office with a chief complaint, of fever and a UTI with blood. It is your guess that she has postpartum vacuity heat, what herb will you choose? Bai Wei Radix Cynanchi Baiwei
Female, mid 40's is in the clutches of menopause, she has all of the standard menopausal symptoms, but has also been vomiting blood. This week she developed a cough as well. Di Gu Pi, Cortex Lycii Radicis
What herb will you choose for gan accumulation with heat effusion? A)Bai Wei B)Hu Huang Lian C)Qing Hao D)Yin Chai Hu E)Di Gu Pi Yin Chai Hu, Radix Stellariae
Which herb is particularly helpful for deficiency vacuity heat in children, including gan accumulation and damp heat? Hu Huang Lian, Rhizoma Picrorhizae
Created by: ElisaDanger