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Maya Unit -- Darden

May Unit -- Darden

A raw material of chewing gum chicle
A square of cotton worn around or over the shoulders pati
Book of religious customs and history written by jaguar priests. Books of Chilam Balaam
large upright stone monument that honored special events of Mayan culture stelae
natural glass that sometimes forms when lava cools quickly obsidian
a witch doctor ahmen
a hollowed-out stone for grinding metate
library of painted Mayan books on history, religion, science, mathematics, astronomy codices
"little people" who were believed to guard cornfields aluxes
pok-to-pok ball game which players hit the ball with padded leather elbows, wrists or hips
milk-colored drink or thin gruel pozole
Simple straight cotton dress huipils
cotton loincloth ex
priests that were prophets chilams
priests that performed sacrifices nacoms
"True Man" or ruler of a Mayan city-state Halach Uninic
Kukulcan feathered serpent god from the Toltec world
Slash and burn method of farming Milpa
represented "a day" in time kin
Mayan word for "merchants" ppolm
term for solar calendar Haab
term for sacred or ritual calendar Tzolkin
Five unlucky days Uayeb
In 1502 ____________ landed on the coast of Honduras. Christopher Columbus
_________________ are broken into three parts. The Mayan lands
T/F - There were no social classes or differences among the people, no temples or public buildings. True
T/F - By AD250 to 900, pyramids topped by temples sprang up. Palaces were constructed. True
T/F - Maya cities were like Greek city-states, each with its own ruling family separate from others, but related. True
Who wrote the book, The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico? Bernal Diaz de Cordoba
Name the US consul who went to the Yucatan peninsula in 1885 to write about the Maya ruins. Edward Herbert Thompson
Name the person who destroyed an entire library of codices or Maya painted books. Bishop de Landa
_____________ wore their hair long with braids wrapped around the top of their heads and a ponytail hanging down in the back. Men
____________ painted their bodies black and red. Warriors
T/F - Tattoos were found only on men. False
T/F - Maya valued crossed eyes. True
Priests and people who were to be sacrificed were painted what color? blue
T/F - The ruling class and elite did not work at everyday chores. True
______________ was a favorite hot drink. Chocolate, from cacao
T/F - Some large cities had community baths. True
What was made from jade, jaguar and crocodile teeth, shells, obsidian, bone, wood and polished stone? ornaments
What was filed to sharp points and sometimes filled with pieces of jade? teeth
Men ____________ with traps, blowpipes, clay pellets, spears, bows and arrows. hunted
Maya ___________________ their children's heads too by flattening the forehead and sloping the back. reshaped
T/F - The walls had no windows. True
_________________ was made by cutting the heart out of a living being, throwing spears at a painted area on the chest and flinging the victim into a cenote or sacred well. Human sacrifices
Name a famous well. Chichen Itza
The high ______________ were important and powerful. priests
T/F - Only nobles could play pok-to-tock True
T/F - Mayans believed everything had a soul. True
Who could heal disease or even cause disease? Ahmen
Who determined the "right day" for clearing, planting and burning? Priests
T/F - Object of war was to capture prisoners--not to kill. True
The chief crop was _______________. maize
A secret weapon of war is __________________. nest of hornets
Maya writing ideas and mathematics most likely came from what neighboring people? The Olmecs
T/F - Maya developed a calendar further than any new people and more accurate than any other in their time. True
Name the photographer that discovered a three room temple in the jungle of Usumacinta Valley? Giles Healey
The famous color is ________________. Maya blue
_________ designs were cut deep into the skin and different dyes rubbed into the skin. It was a painful process. Tatto
_______________ were large stone carvings of a person, stood 5-12 feet and some reached 30 feet. Stelae
________________ was made without a wheel. Pottery
T/F- Peasant dwellings were built of wood and mud. True
__________________ a key ingredient in Mayan cement. Lime powder
T/F - Building projects were done without draft animals, wheeled vehicles and with tools made only of stone. True
Based on what we know, pyramids took how many years to build? 5 years
By AD950, the cities had been abandoned and people fled to the ________________. jungle
In ___________________ remains, there is evidence of poor growth, disease and malnutrition. skeletal
"Coatl" means _____________________. snake
By AD1000, the Toltec ________________ and _____________ had full control of the Yucatan. warriors, priests
Name two or more possible reasons for the sudden and mysterious collapse of Maya society. drought earthquake volcanic eruption plague climate change invasion
Created by: cathydarden



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