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Herbs that DrainDamp

What are the sub-categories for herbs that drain dampness? 1.Disperse swelling 2.Free strangury 3.Abate jaundice
Which herb disinhibits water, fortifies the spleen and quiets the spirit? A)Yi Yi Ren B)Dong Gua Zi C)Yu Mi Xu D)Fu Ling Fu Ling
Name the channel entry, nature and taste for Fu Ling, Sclerotium Poriae Cocos. HT, SP, LU, KD, Sweet, Bland, Neutral
A patient complains of diarrhea with loss of appetite. She has also been feeling very forgetful lately with occasional palpitations. Fu Ling, Sclerotium Poriae Cocos
Name 2 functions with matching indications for Yi Yi Ren, Semen Coicis Lachryma-jobi. 1.Disinhibits water: water swelling 2.Clears heat and expels pus: intestinal welling abcess
What 3 herbs are commonly used together when there is a need to disinhibit water? (The water brothers) Fu Ling, Zhu Ling, Ze Xie
This herb is helpful for painful urination during pregnancy Zhu Ling, Sclerotium Polypori Umbellati
Of the drain dampness, disperse swelling medicinals, which 2 herbs are useful in treating vaginal discharge Ze Xie & Dong Gua Zi
As the only 2 seeds in the drain dampness, disperse swelling category, which herbs are often used together for intestinal abscesses? Dong Gua Zi & Yi Yi Ren
If you need to drain dampness but your patient is in weak health, this herb might be in your prescription. Dong Gua Pi, Exocarpium Benincasae
Which drain dampness, disperse swelling medicinal is good to disinhibit water in diabetes and edema, and treat jaundice, gallstones & hypertension? Yu Mi Xu, Stigma Maydis
This drain dampness, disperse swelling medicinal can also clear the head, eliminate vexation and transform food and phlegm accumulation. Cha Ye, Folium Theae
Which urine disinhibiting, strangury freeing medicinal can also clear the liver and brighten the eyes? Che Qian Zi, Semen Plantaginis
What is the category for Hua Shi, Talcum? Urine disinhibiting, strangury freeing medicinal
These 3 urine disinhibiting, strangury freeing medicinals all share one unique function, what is it? Hua Shi, Di Fu Zi, Bian Xu Relieve damp skin lesions: Eczema
These 3 urine disinhibiting, strangury freeing medicinals all share one unique function, what is it? Mu Tong, Tong Cao, Dong Kui Zi Promote lactation
You have a very upset patient with painful urination, mouth sores and scant breast milk...you suspect that she has heart heat affecting the small intestine. Which of the strangury freeing medicinal would you use? Mu Tong, Caulis Akebiae
This unique looking herb is white, like little foam tubes, it is good for painful dribbling urination and inhibited lactation... Tong Cao, Medulla Tetrapanacis Papyferi
Which salty strangury freeing medicinal can also assist with jaundice and to expel stones? Hai Jin Sha, Spora Lygodii
Which strangury freeing medicinal can also clear the lung and stanch bleeding? Shi Wei, Folium Pyrrosiae
Which strangury freeing medicinal can also promote lactation and free the stool? Dong Kui Zi, Semen Malvae
These 3 strangury freeing medicinals chare one commonality, what is it? Deng Xin Cao, Qu Mai, Mu Tong Heart heat affecting the small intestine
This is a white worm looking, strangury freeing medicinal, that often comes in bundles...it frees strangury and clears the heart (HT-SI), what is this herb? Deng Xin Cao, Medulla Junci Effusi
The cloudy urine herb Bi Xie, Rhizoma Dioscoreae Hypoglaucae
Which strangury freeing medicinal can also kill worms and relieve itch? Bian Xu, Herba Polygoni Avicularis
This strangury freeing medicinal looks like little stars...it is a diuretic and relieves itching. Di Fu Zi, Fructus Kochiae Scopariae
What is the jaundice herb? Yin Chen, Herba Artemisiae
Which jaundice abating medicinal is excellent to free stone strangury? Jin Qian Cao, Herba Lysimachiae
Which jaundice abating medicinal can also be used for burns, blood stasis, cough and constipation? Hu Zhang, Rhizoma Polygoni Cuspidati
Which little red bean promotes urination, assists with mild cases of jaundice and disperses blood stasis for furuncles? Chi Xiao Dou, Semen Phaseoli
Ban Bian Lian reduces edema, cools the blood and reduces toxicity...for some reason, it is in this category ___________________ Jaundice abating medicinal
Created by: ElisaDanger