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Draining Percipitant

Channel entry for Da Huang, Radix et Rhizoma Rhei? LI, ST, SP, LV, HT
Name 2 functions with matching indications for Da Huang 1.Drain heat and purge accumulations: Constipation with high fever 2.Drains heat from the blood: bleeding hemorrhoids
What do all of the offensive purgatives and drastic water expellers have in common? Contraindicated in pregnancy
Mang Xiao, Natrii Sulfas 1.Clears heat for sore throat and promotes lactation 2.Drains and precipitates to soften hardness. What is unique about how Mang Xiao assists in relieving dry bound stool? It attracts water into the intestines to increase the volume of feces
This draining precipitant can be used short term only for both constipation and abdominal water swelling. Fan Xie Ye, Folium Senne
This offensive purgative is unique in that in addition to precipitating heat bind constipation, it can also clear the liver and kill worms. Lu Hui, Herba Aloe
Name the channel entry, nature and taste for Huo Ma Ren, Semen Cannabis. LI, SP, ST, Sweet & Neutral
This herb is gentle enough for those with vacuity. It nourishes and moistens the intestines for constipation while nourishing the yin and clearing heat to help heal sores. Huo Ma Ren, Semen Cannabis
Your patient presents with chronic qi stagnation and complains of constipation. Upon examination, you note that she also has puffy swelling in her legs. What herb will you choose? Yu Li Ren, Semen Pruni
What do all of these herbs have in common? Gan Sui, Da Ji, Yuan Hua, Qian Niu Zi, Ba Dou, Shang Lu. TOXIC - Drastic Water Expellers
Male, 24 years old, has a severe accumulation of fluid in his chest and abdomen. He also appears to have some hot looking nodular skin lesions. It is imperative that you drain the water and disperse these welling abscesses... Gan Sui, Radix Euphorbia Kansui
Created by: ElisaDanger