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Release the Exterior

Warm Acrid

Name at least 3 Warm Acrid herbs that are good for nasal congestion? Xin Yi Hua,Cang Er Zi, E Bu Shi Cao, Bai Zhi, Gao Ben, Cong Bai
Which herb promotes urination and reduces edema? Má Huáng Herba Ephedrae
What does honey frying Ma Huang do to its strong action of diaphoresis? Zhi Ma Huang is less drying and has a longer duration of action
What are Ma Huang's nature, flavor, and channel entry? acrid slightly bitter warm Lung Bladder
How would Gui Zhi be useful in dispelling damp? Warms and frees the channels & collaterals to dispel wind-cold-damp painful obstruction in joints and limbs (esp. shoulders & arms)
Zǐ Sū Yè, Folium Perillae is known to be helpful with... Alleviating seafood poisoning, calming the fetus
Your patient presents with a mild exterior pattern including a cough, he has also been feeling nauseous as though he is going to vomit any moment. Which herb do you choose? Shēng Jiāng, Rhizoma Zingiberis recens
This herb promotes sweating & resolves the exterior; transforms dampness & harmonizes the center; Disinhibits water & disperses swelling...but is is not Ma Huang. Which herb is this? Xiāng Rú, Herba Moslae
Jīng Jiè, Herba seu Flos Schizonepetae has four functions, what are they? 1.Dispels wind & resolves exterior 2.Outthrusts papules & relieves itching 3.Disperses sores 4.Stanches bleeding
In addition for being the main herb to dispel wind while resolving the exterior, name 1 additional function and indication for Fáng Fēng, Radix Saposhnikoviae. Overcome dampness and relieve pain; for wind damp painful obstruction
Qiāng Huó, Rhizoma seu Radix Notopterygii is great for wind-cold-damp impediment in the upper limbs and back. It also disperses wind cold for which type of headache? Tai Yang Headache
What are the channels entered by Qiāng Huó? UB, KD, DU
Why is Qiāng Huó contraindicated in blood vacuity? It is very warm and drying
What are Fáng Fēng's nature, flavor, and channel entry? Acrid, Sweet, Slightly warm, Bladder, Liver, Spleen
Baí Zhǐ,Radix Angelicae dahuricae specializes in expelling pus anywhere in the body, drying dampness in the lower jiao, and what type of headache? Yang Ming
What are Baí Zhǐ's nature, flavor, and channel entry? Acrid, Aromatic, Warm, Lung, Stomach
Your patient has a vertex headache with pain in their teeth and jaw, which herb do you recommend? Gǎo Běn, Rhizoma Ligustici
This mild herb is good to take in soup in the early stages of wind cold invasion. It is also useful to resolve toxicity and kill parasites. Cōng Bái,Bulbus Allii Fistulosi
Expels wind-cold & unblocks nasal passages...all nose all the time :) Xīn Yí Huā, Flos Magnoliae
Why is Xīn Yí Huā to be used with caution during pregnancy? It has a strong vasoconstrictive action and may stimulate the uterus
Often used with Xīn Yí Huā to free the nasal orifices, dispels wind-damp & relieves pain, and dispels exterior wind. Cāng Er Zǐ, Fructus Xanthii
If there is cold, this herb will find it... Xì Xīn, Herba cum Radice Asari
This common kitchen herb opens the stomach & disperses food. Hú Suī, Herba Coriandri
E Bu Shi Cao, Herba Centipedae, though not commonly used is good to treat... Nasal, swelling, pain and toxicity
Created by: ElisaDanger