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Wind DampDispelling

Wind Damp Heat Dispelling Medicinals

Radix Gentianae macrophyllae Qín Jiāo
Radix Stephaniae tetandrae (Han) Fáng Jǐ
Ramulus Mori Albae Sāng Zhī
Herba Siegesbeckiae Xī Xiān Cǎo
Folium Clerodendri Trichotomi Chòu Wú Tóng
Cortex Erythrinae Hǎi Tóng Pí
Fasciculus Vascularis Luffae Sī Guā Luò
Are all of the wind damp heat dispelling medicinals bitter? All but one - Si Gua Luo is the only herb that is not (it is sweet and neutral)
What is the channel entry for Qín Jiāo Gallbladder, Liver, Stomach
A patient complains of hot flashes and a recent onset of foot cramps. She is still experiencing some numbness due to her un-luxuriated sinews. What herb would you choose? Qín Jiāo
The moistening agent among wind medicinals Qín Jiāo
Jaundice A)(Han)Fáng Jǐ B)Xī Xiān Cǎo C)Hǎi Tóng Pí D)Qín Jiāo D)Qín Jiāo
For red hot swollen joints would you choose Fang Ji or Guang Fang Ji? Fáng Jǐ - (Guang fang ji contains aristolochic acid)
This herb can promote urination to reduce edema and help relieve red hot swollen joints. (Han) Fáng Jǐ
This bitter and neutral herb is a key herb for shoulder (wind damp bi in the upper extremity) Sāng Zhī
What specific Liver pathology is Xi Xian Cao useful for when there is also wind damp present? Liver Yang rising (HA, dizzy, red eyes)
Your new patient had a minor stroke recently, he complains of weak limbs, and spasms in his extremities. During his time in the hospital he also developed some damp heat bed sores. He presents as frustrated and vexed with his current situation. Xī Xiān Cǎo
Which 2 wind damp heat dispelling medicinals are helpful in treating hypertension? Xī Xiān Cǎo & Chòu Wú Tóng
As the sister herb to Xī Xiān Cǎo they have many similarities although less frequently used, together these herbs are used as a dui yao externally for eczema. The sister herb is ___________ Chòu Wú Tóng
Which wind damp heat dispelling medicinal is used in the treatment of scabies? Hǎi Tóng Pí
Which 3 herbs in the wind damp heat dispelling category are neutral? Hǎi Tóng Pí, Sī Guā Luò & Sāng Zhī
Dispels wind-damp, frees the network vessels and relieves pain & Kills worms & relieves itching Hǎi Tóng Pí
The herb that dispels wind, frees the network vessels,cools the blood and disperses swelling is also the only herb in this category to go to the Lung. Sī Guā Luò
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