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Wind DampDispelling

Wind Damp Dispelling Sinew Strengthening Medicinals

Cortex Acanthopanacis Wǔ Jiā Pí
Herba Taxilli Sāng Jì Shēng
Rhizoma Homalomenae Qiān Nián Jiàn
Os Tigris Hu Gu
Which 2 organs do wind damp dispelling sinew strengthening medicinals supplement? Liver & Kidney
This is a key herb for weak and developmentally delayed children, especially when they are slow to walk. Wǔ Jiā Pí
This wind damp dispelling sinew strengthening medicinal makes you pee and reduces swelling Wǔ Jiā Pí
What are the channels entered by ALL wind damp dispelling sinew strengthening medicinals? Kidney and Liver
Wǔ Jiā Pí is A) Acrid, Sweet and Warm B) Bitter and Warm C) Acrid Bitter and Warm D) Neutral, Sweet and Warm C) Acrid Bitter and Warm
This is a wonderful herb for the elderly with soft bones Qiān Nián Jiàn
A pregnant woman complains of chronic LBP, knee pain, and a very unhappy baby inside of her. She has symptoms indicating blood vacuity, and you are concerned that there is potential uterine bleeding. A good herb selection would be... Sāng Jì Shēng
Postpartum, Sāng Jì Shēng can assist with what necessary mother-child activity? Difficult lactation and milk production
Sāng Jì Shēng are the stems of what treasure chest of an herb? Mulberry (mistletoe stems)
Which wind damp dispelling sinew strengthening medicinal is Bitter, Sweet and Neutral? A) Wǔ Jiā Pí B) Sāng Jì Shēng C) Hu Gu D) Qiān Nián Jiàn B) Sāng Jì Shēng
In addition to strengthening soft bones Qiān Nián Jiàn can be used topically as a medicinal wine for... Knocks and falls
This obsolete herbs was once used for paralysis, weak knees & legs, spasms and cold pain in bones. Hu Gu
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