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Wind DampDispelling

Wind Cold Damp Dispelling Medicinals

What do Wei Ling Xian, Bai Hua She, Wu Shao She and She Tui all have in common? Salty
What is the only wind cold damp dispelling medicinal to enter the Stomach? Can Sha
What is the only wind cold damp dispelling medicinal to enter the Lung? Song Zi Ren
What is the only wind cold damp dispelling medicinal to enter the Large Intestine? Song Zi Ren
This is the only sour herb in the wind cold damp dispelling category... Mu Gua
Which wind cold damp dispelling herb is toxic? Bai Hua She
Which herb specializes in dispelling wind damp and relieving pain form the lower body? Du Huo
Radix Angelicae Pubescentis Du Huo
What are the flavors and nature of Du Huo? Bitter, Acrid, Slightly Warm
What channels are entered by Du Huo? Kidney, Bladder, Liver
Dispels wind-damp and relieves impediment pain. Resolves exterior. Used for lesser yin (shaoyin) stage headache involving teeth and cheeks & toothache. Du Huo
What herb is similar to Du Huo but specializes in treating the upper body? Qiang Huo
What symptoms are associated with a damp predominant painful obstruction? Heavy feeling, dull pain
Which herb has a strong mobilizing tenancy to promote qi movement through the channels? Wei Ling Xian
Radix Clematidis Wei Ling Xian
Usually the dose for Wei Ling Xian is 5-15g but when used for fish bones in the throat, the dose increases to ____________ 30-50g
Latin for Bai Hua She Agkistrodon seu Bungarus
Du Huo can be used as a dui yao with which herb to both dispel wind cold and direct the action to the upper body? Xi Xin
Nature and flavor of Wei Ling Xian Acrid, Salty, Warm
Bai Hua She relieves itch, dispels wind-damp and frees the network vessels and sinews, but its main function is __________________ Settle fright and check tetany
Agkistrodon and Bungarus are forms of which herb? Bai Hua She
Although very similar, what is the primary difference between Bai Hua She and Wu Shao She? Wu Shao She is less toxic
Which of the wind cold damp dispelling medicinals is similar to and used as a dui yao with Chan Tui? She Tui
Zaocys Dhumnades Wū Shāo Shé
Periostracum Serpentis Shé Tuì
Your patient presents with tremors, an annoying itch & complain that they feel like there are screens in their visual field...they are very afraid. Which herb will you choose? Shé Tuì
Fructus Chaenomelis Mù Guā
This herb is especially good for cramping pain of the calves and restless leg syndrome Mù Guā
Soothes sinews & quickens network vessels & Harmonizes Stomach & transforms dampness Mù Guā
What are the nature, flavor and channel entries for Mù Guā? Sour, Warm, Liver, Spleen
When there is LV SP disharmony causing damp in the middle jiao and lower leg edema, which herb will you use? Mù Guā
Faeces Bombycis Cán Shā
Cramping is often due to what type of vacuity? Liver Blood Vacuity
What type of rash would you use Can Sha on? Itchy damp rash
What is necessary when preparing Can Sha? Wrap in a cloth
What herb will you choose if your patient presents with weeping eczema and vomiting? Cán Shā
This is THE "knocks and falls" herb Shēn Jīn Cǎo
Herba Lycopodii Shēn Jīn Cǎo
Which herb looks like miniature pine branches? Herba Lycopodii
If your patient is not bending well, a good herb in the category of wind cold damp dispelling medicinals would be... Shēn Jīn Cǎo
Caulis Piperis kadsurae Hǎi Fēng Téng
The one word that comes to mind when thinking of Hǎi Fēng Téng is ___________ Medicine. Trauma
Nodi Pini Lignum Sōng Jié
Sōng Jié is used is used occasionally in trauma when what factor predominates? Wind-damp
Semen Pini Sōng Zǐ Rén
Your patient complains of constipation and a dry cough... Sōng Zǐ Rén
Created by: ElisaDanger