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Phlegm Transforming

Warm herbs that transform phlegm cold

What is the Latin for Ban Xia? Rhizoma Pinellia Ternatae
Which form of Ban Xia is best to transform phlegm cough? Fa Ban Xia
Which channels does Ban Xia enter? Lung, Spleen and Stomach
Which form of Ban Xia is best to downbear counterflow and check vomiting? Jiang Ban Xia
What is the nature and flavor of Rhizoma Pinellia Ternatae? Acrid, warm and toxic
Which herb has the following indications: Dry dampness, transform phlegm, descend rebellious Qi Downbears counterflow and stops vomiting Ban Xia - Rhizoma Pinellia Ternatae
How is Jiang Ban Xia processed in order to reduce toxicity? Rinsed and boiled with fresh ginger and alum
How is Fa Ban Xia processed? Rinsed and mixed with Gan Cao and lime mineral
What is the Latin for Tian Nan Xing? Rhizoma Arisaematis Preparatum
What is the distinguishing quality for Tian Nan Xing when describing what type of phlegm it is able to transform? Stubborn phlegm
Which herb is currently being studied for its impact in treating cervical cancer? Tian Nan Xing
What are three functions of Tian Nan Xing? Dries dampness and transforms phlegm - Dispels wind and resolves tetany - Disperses swelling and relieves pain
What is the difference between Tian Nan Xing and Dan Nan Xing? Tian Nan Xing is dryer, warmer and toxic. Dan Nan Xing is cool.
How is Dan Nan Xing processed and what does this do? With cow or pig bile reducing toxicity, cooling, and moderating the drying quality.
Do Tian Nan Xing and Dan Nan Xing have the same channel entry? No... Tian = LV, LU, SP and Dan = LV, GB
What is the Latin for Bai Fu Zi? Rhizoma Typhonii Gigantei
Bai Fu Zi is most unique in that it is used when phlegm is combined with which element? Wind
Bai Fu Zi can be used topically as a wash for what? Itch
Does Bai Fu Zi resolve toxin and disperse binds? Yes
Between Bai Fu Zi and Bai Jie Zi, which frees the network vessels for pain, cold and stasis? Bai Jie Zi
What is the Latin for Bai Jie Zi? Semen Sinapis Albae
What is the nature of Bai Jie Zi? Warm
What is the flavor Bai Jie Zi? Acrid
What is the channel entry for Bai Jie Zi? Lung
What effect does Bai Jie Zi have on the lungs? When there is cold phlegm present, it is dispersing, invigorating and unblocking.
Which herb is good for cold phlegm lodged in the joints? Bai Jie Zi
This herb is damaging to yin and qi Bai Jie Zi
What is the Latin for Zào Jiá/o? Fructus Gleditsiae sinensis
Which direction is Zào Jiá/o known to direct lung qi? Down
What 2 channels does Zào Jiá/o enter? Lung and Large Intestine
Zào Jiá/o is used as a dui yao with which herb to diffuse lung qi? Ma Huang
Which herb in this category dispels phlegm, opens the orifices, disperses binds and can be used as a suppository to unblock the bowels and expel worms? Zào Jiá/o
What is the Latin for Zao Jiao Ci? Spina Gleditsiae
Which herb is known to expel pus and draw out toxicity? Zao Jiao Ci
In addition to expelling pus, what is the other function of Zao Jiao Ci? Kill worms
What is the contraindication for Zao Jiao Ci? Flat or ruptured abscesses and pregnancy
What is the Latin for Xuán Fù Huā? Flos Inulae
In addition to being bitter, acrid, and slightly warm, what unique flavor does Xuán Fù Huā also have? Salty
Which flower is good to dissipate pathogenic fluid accumulation that causes panting? Xuán Fù Huā
What is the special instruction when decocting Xuán Fù Huā? Wrap in a cloth bag
In addition to calming panting, Xuán Fù Huā has which lesser utilized function? Downbear counterflow and check vomiting
What is the Latin for Bai Qian? Radix et Rhizoma Cynanchi stauntonii
Why is Bai Qian unique in flavor? Sweet (acrid & slightly warm)
Which herb is both gentle and downbearing in its function to transform phlegm? Bai Qian
What cautions need to be observed when using warm herbs that transform phlegm cold? They are generally strong and toxic so use caution in yin vacuity, depleted fluids and bleeding
In order to treat phlegm, treat the ______ Qi
What are the 4 types of phlegm? Damp, Cold, Heat, Dryness
What methods are used in the treatment of phlegm? Clearing, Transforming, Dispersing, Dispelling, Drying
What do Ban Xia, Tian Nan Xing, Bai Fu Zi, and Zao Jia/o all have in common? Toxic
Which warm herbs that transforms phlegm cold enters the Large Intestine? Zao Jia/o
Which channel does every herb in the warm herbs that transform phlegm cold category enter? Lung
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