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WGU-IWC1-Part 4

Three Dimensional Art

Mass The size, shape, and volume of three-dimensional forms
Scale The size or apparent size of an object seen in relation to other objects, people, or its environment
Sunken Relief Sculptural relief in which the image or design is molded below the original surface of the background, which is not cut away
Low relief Sculptural relief that projects very little from the background, which is not cut away
Relief In printing, a technique in which the intended printing surface is left raised, with remaining areas cut away
Addition When a sculptor adds or combines material (sometimes called built sculpture)
Proportion The realative relationship of shapes or forms to one another in regards to size, height, width, length, or depth
Full Round Sculpture A sculpture employing three-dimensional attached to a background and meant to be seen from one side
Relief Sculpture A sculpture employing three-dimensions attached to a background and meant to be seen from one side
Linear Sculpture A sculpture employing two-dimensional materials
Bust A sculpture that represents a man or woman from the chest up
Subtraction When the sculptor carves or cuts away unwanted material to create the work
Substitution When the sculptor molds or casts an artwork
Glyptic Sculpture which emphasizes the substances or materials from which it is made
Mobile A type of kinetic sculpture in which parts move, often by air currents
High relief Sculpture relief in which forms extend from the background to at least half their depth
Ephemeral Sculpture designed to make a statement and then cease to exist
Manipulation When a sculptor shapes the material by hand (modeling clay or other materials)
Negative Mold from which a sculpture is cast `
Dome A common structural element of architecture resembling the hollow upper half of a sphere
Functionalism The belief that architects should design a building based on the purpose of that building
Eclectiscism The inclusion or combination of several different styles in one composition or work of art
Capital A decorative device generally placed at the top of a column as a transition for the eye
Tensile Strenght Ability of a building to withstand bending
Compressive Strength Ability of a material to withstand crushing
Created by: efrady