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WGU-IWC1- Part 3

Artistic Media

Fresco A painting technique that applies water-based paint to a wet-plaster surface; also, resulting artwork
Lithography A printing technique employing the antipathy of oil and water; a flat surface with a design area (image) that is in-receptive is printed and the non-printed area is ink-repellent.
Serigraphy A printing technique that forces ink through a stencil (image) on a screen stretched with a fine silk or similar fabric; also called silk-screening or screen-printing.
Gouache Watercolor to which an opaque white has been added; also, resulting artwork
Pastel A soft, colored chalk stick or crayon made of pigments and a gum binder, usually applied to paper; also, resulting artwork.
Relief printing A technique in which the intended printing surface is left raised, with remaining areas cut away.
Linear Perspective The use of light, atmosphere, and haziness to indicate depth or distance
Aerial or atmospheric perspective The use of light, atmosphere, and haziness to indicate depth or distance
Naturalism/Naturalistic Art Representational art which retains some of the natural appearance of the objects depicted
Water Color A vivid water-based paint, usually applied to paper, with outstanding brilliance and translucence; also resulting artwork
Intaglio A printing technique in which an image is printed from a recessed design incised or etched into the surface of a plate
Chiarascuro A way to create the illusion of depth through gradations of light and dark; Italian for "light-dark"
Impasto The thick application of paint creating a textured surface on the canvas
Oil Paint A paint made of color pigments mixed in slowly drying oil; its main binding agent for pigment is linseed oil
Drypoint A printing technique (intaglio) involving drawing directly onto the surface of a metal plate with a sharp, pointed tool, often with a diamond point
Aquatint A method of etching (intaglio) that imitates the broad tints of a water color
Daguerrotype photography Named after its French inventor Louis Daguerre, an early (1839) photographic process where an image is made directly onto a light-sensitive silver-coated metallic plate, without using negative.
Encaustic A painting technique which originated in ancient times, using pigments mixed with melted beeswax as a binder.
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