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Studio Art Review Terms

elements of art a visual vocabulary
form Three-dimensional
shape flat and Two-dimensional
value shading
expressive lines lines produced to express an idea, mood or quality
depth has volume, length and width in space
Perpendicular lines meet at a 90 angle
Stipple shading with dots
Animator artist who creates animations
Crosshatch shading with crossed lines
Hatch shading with lines
Graphic Designer designs posters and advertisements
Architect designs buildings
Scribble expressive moving lines
Overlapping shapes over shapes
Mondrian Primary colors
Foreshortening view from an angel
worm’s eye view view from below
Analogous colors color next to each other on the color wheel
Henry O. Tanner high contrast
Cool colors blue, violet, green
horizon line where the sky meets the land
worm’s eye view view from below
aerial perspective view of landscape distance
Aboriginal Artist Australia
birds eye view view from above
illusion of distance created by placement or size
Cartoonist creates characters
Focal point aka emphasis, grabs your attention first
Symmetrical balance mirror images
Geometric shape perfect, math like
Organic shape nature like
Outline Drawing flat 2d
Landscape outdoor scene
Contour Drawing edge and inner details
Sketch a quick drawing
African Adinkra Symbols social rank
lines in nature spider web, tree branches
Oaxacan sculptures Mexico
Chiaroscuro darks and light values
Perspective drawing the look of distance
1 point perspective 1 vanishing point
Foreground in front
Background in back
simulated texture texture in 2d flat art
lines in the man-made environment wires, cracks
focal point emphasis
lines in nature spider web, tree branches
Non-Objective art art not based on realism
Abstract artwork art based upon real things yet not real looking
Narrative Art art that tells a story
gesture drawing quick sketch of a figure
Japanese Artist Hokusaai nautre is stronger than man
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