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An educational philosophy that holds that there is a common core of information and skills that an educated person must have essentialism
A psychological theory and educational philosophy that asserts that behaviors represent the essence of a person and that all behaviors can be explained as responses to stimuli. Behaviorism
A social theory and educational philosophy that limits truth and knowledge to what is observable and measurable. Positivism
Which educational philosophies espouse an student-centered approach to subject matter? Progressivism, humanism, constructivism.
philosophy has curriculum that focuses on subject matter to include literature, history, foreign languages, and religion, and has teaching methods that require formal discipline & feature required reading, lectures, memorization, repetition,&examinations? Essentialist
Which educational philosophies espouse an teacher-centered approach to subject matter? Essentialism, Behaviorism, Positivism
Which branch of philosophy is concerned with the investigation of the nature of knowledge? Epistemology
Reasoning from a general statement or principle to a specific point or example is what kind of logic? Deductive Logic
Reasoning from a specific fact or facts to a generalization is what kind of logic? Inductive Logic
Which branch of philosophy is concerned with the nature of reality and existence? Metaphysics
The study of the nature of values. Axiology
Name the branch of philosophy: -Are human beings basically good, or is the essential nature of the human being evil? Metaphysics (nature of reality)
Name the branch of philosophy: -What is truth? Epistemology (nature of knowledge)
Name the branch of philosophy? -How is beauty determined? Axiology (aesthetics)
Name the branch of philosophy: -Who determines what is right, just or good? Axiology (ethics)
Name the three accreditation programs. TEAC, NCATE, Regional
First level of quality assurance that includes: recruitment, internship, graduation, and pre-service. NCATE (state level)
Second level of quality assurance that includes: INTASC standards, licensing assessment, and regular license. State Licensing Authority
Third level of quality assurance that includes: continuing professional development, license renewal, national board study, and advanced certification. State/School District
A thinking strategy that focuses on questions of the "what seems to be" type; includes abstractions, imagination, generalization, and logic. Analytical thinking
A thinking strategy that focuses on questions of the "what ought to be" type; includes discernment, connection, tracking hypocrisy, and hope Prophetic thinking
A famous pragmatist from the 20th century. John Dewey
A historic National Education Association (NEA) committee that studied secondary education in 1892. The Committee of Ten
________ stated that the student should receive an education in the following seven fields: health, command of fundamental processes, worthy home membership, vocation, civic education, worthy use of leisure, and ethical character. Seven Cardinal Principles
______recommended trying to graduate high school students earlier to permit them to attend college sooner. The Committee of Ten
An educational or learning theory that is predicted on the belief that human behavior can be explained in terms of responses to external stimuli. Behaviorism
What are two major types of behaviorism? Classical conditioning & operant conditioning
What learning theory incorporates students constructing their own knowledge and meaning via hands-on, problem-solving activities? Constructivism
Who believed that each person’s abilities should be used to serve society Plato
Method in which a teacher asks a series of questions that leads the student to a certain conclusion. This method is still commonly used by teachers today Socratic Method
Who suggested that society should contain three classes of people: artisans, to do the manual work; soldiers, to defend the society; and philosophers, to advance knowledge and to rule the society? Plato
Who believed that the quality of a society was determined by the quality of education found in that society? Aristotle
A period (455–431 bce) of Greek history in which sufficiently great strides were made in human advancement to generate an organized concern for formal education. Age of Pericles
Which two Greek philosophers articulated the idea that females and slaves did not possess the intelligence to be leaders and therefore should not be educated? Plato & Aristotle
An early type of school that emphasized the study of Latin, literature, history, mathematics, music, and dialectics. Latin Grammar School
Who, in a set of twelve books, The Institutes of Oratory,described current educational practices, recommended the type of educational system needed in Rome, and listed the great books that were in existence at that time? Quintilian
Who realized the value of education, and as ruler of a large part of Europe, he was in a position to establish schools and encourage scholarly activity in the Dark Ages? Charlemagne
A talented educator Charlamagne sought out in the Dark Ages? Alcuin
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