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Inca Unit -- Darden

Small wild member of the llama family which provides glossy wool that is used for clothes of Inca Sapa and his nobles. Vicuna
Teaching nuns for the Sun Virgins. Mamacunas
the only Emperor of the people. Sapa Inca
Moon goddess Quilla
Girls dedicated to the service of the Sun Sun Virgins
digging stick with a footrest Tacllas
the Sun God, or giver of food and strength Inti
the ruling family of ancient Peru Inca
any sacred or magical object Huaca
Execute by strangling garotte
a kind of beer made from fermented corn chicha
running messengers chasquis
the Queen who is always the sister of the Sapa Inca. Coya
study of the past through excavation and the historic remains archeology
Name the mountain town ruled by the Inca Cuzco
T/F- Much of the Inca land is below sea level. False
T/F - Coastlands were a terrible desert. True
T/F - Highlands make up most of the Inca empire. True
The heavily forested Amazon valley supplied tropical fruit, animal skins and brilliant __________ feathers
Peruvians were American Indians with brown skin, brown eyes and straight __________ _________. black hair
The people of Lake Titicaca built what city? Tiahuanaco
Tahuantinsuya means _______________ Four Quarters (of the World)
Who was the greatest Inca warrior of all? Topa Inca Yupanqui
Weapons included spears with bronze blades, war clubs and _______________ slings
_________ or ___________ helmets and round shields of protective armor were worn. Wooden or quilted cotton
This word means "the Only Emperor" Sapa Inca
T/F - The other wives of the Sapa Inca were also entitled to the throne just as the children of the Coya. False
T/F - Every Sapa Inca built a palace in the center of Cuzco. True
Who continued to look after the dead emperor's body throughout his life. an attendant
T/F - Everyone knew his position in the social order and the work he was expected to do. True
Name the two people that controlled all power. Sapa Inca and the Coya
T/F - There was little chance of advancement through education. True
T/F - A few boys were selected to be Sun Virgins. False
T/F - All children attended school and were taught by well trained teachers. False
___________ dressed in ankle-length gowns with a broad waistband and a cape. Women
_________ __________ were made from wool. Coastal regions wore cotton garments. Highland clothes
Houses were built of rough blocks of stone and cracks plastered with __________. mud
T/F - All homes had doors. False
T/F - Beds and chairs were carved and very decorative. False
T/F - Inca government supported the belief that everybody should help everybody else. True
T/F - All people worked--including the sick, old and young. False
T/F - Families only farmed at the lowest level of the mountain slopes. False
Potatoes grew at what level? Top level
Beans and maize grew at what level? Middle level
Fruits and peppers grew at what level? Bottom level
____________ was the job of the young people. Herding
Animals of the _____________ family played an important role in the Inca way of life. llama
In the months of April & May, what occured on the farms? Maize ears were gathered
Name the animal that was a menace to the crops. Fox
The sea was full of sea lions, seals, whales, dolphins and __________________. a variety of fish
T/F - Thanks to the discovery of the wheel, most journeys were taken by cart. False
An important building was the __________ temple. Sun
Sun Virgins learned to _________, weave, cook fine food and to prepare chicha. spin
T/F - The craftsman were much respected members of the community. True
Who made religious objects and luxury goods for the Sapa Inca and nobility. Gold and silversmiths
Name the carved stone which marked the days on which the Sun passed overhead at noon. Intihuatana
__________________ was captured and his men overtaken by the speed of events.
Name the Spanish soldier that took over Inca lands around 1530. Francisco Pizzaro
Name the man who was the rightful heir to the Inca throne. Huascar
T/F - The Inca greeted the Spaniards with more fear than curiosity. False
T/F - In a surprise attack, Francisco Pizzaro was captured and the Inca overtook his men with their horses and cannons. False
Created by: cathydarden



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