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Geo final 2013 M.E.

middle east

define mesopotamia & give an example "B/w the rivers" 2 rivers flow together. ex= Tigris & Euphrates river
define cultural hearth & give example in the middle east a region where a specific culture, language, religion orginated, many where centered around rivers, like the indus riv in pakistan) orgin of the countries culture. example: Tigris & Euphrates river
how does the geo of the middle east impact the lives of its people? large distribution of oil, people in Iran have many resources but doesnt allow much farming, conflict in israel bc of the limited space and lack of water
define OPEC organization of petrolium(oil) exporting countries. regulates production in an effort to manage prices==supply & demand
what is Israel gov't and economy? gov't= democracy economy= market economy like the US,
what is Iraq's economy & gov't? economy= mixed economy & 75% of GDP is from oil Gov't= 'democracy' like a puppet gov't
what is Saudi Arabia government and economy? monarchy (authoritarian) ecnomy= command economy like china! authoritarian=command gov't controls erything
what is Irans gov't and economy? Govt= theocracy (authoritiarian) economy= command
which country in the middle east controls the whole coast line of the persian gulf? why might that be a good thing for that country? Iran and its very powerful for trade and control access b/w iraq
(supply & demand) if OPEC produces more oil.. what will happen? the price is going to be low
(supply & demand) if OPEC doesnt produce as much oil.. what will happen? the price of oil is going to go up.
why is oil significant to the economies of middle eastern contries? improves there economies by exporting oil to other countries=$$
OPEC is a ____ that regulates production in an effort to manage prices. regulate production and set prices. cartel
what is the middle easts two most important natural resources? oil and nat. gas
define chokepoint strategic passage or canal which could be closed or blocked to stop sea traffic.
founder of Judiasm? Abraham
founder of christianity ? Jesus
founder of islam? Muhammad
major beliefs of judiasm? covenant - agreement
major belief in christianity? trinity
major belief in Islam? 5 pillars- Ramadan(fasting), praying 5 times a day, pilgrimage to mecca, charity, testimony of faith
place of woreship for judiasm? synagogue
place of woreship for muslims? Mecca/ mosque
major division for islam? sunni vs shia
holy book for judiasm? Torah..old testament
holy book for islam? Qur'an
religious leader for judiasm? Rabbi
religious leader for christianity ? priests/ pastors
religious leader for islam? Imam
what are the underlying causes of the Israel-palestine conflict? (3) lack of access to water the status of jerusalem jewish settlements in the occupied territories
define diaspora movement of spreading out, after violence/ war over religious styles
define zionism the movement that called for jews to set up their own country or homeland in Israel. (form of nationalism supporting jewish nation)
why would the jews want there own homeland/country? so they can defend themselves in there own land!
what are Israelis and palestinians fighting over ? land, (as in like who does israel belong to?0--> bc of religion, resources( scarcity of water)
what causes the iranian revolution in 1979? Americans trying to help them westernize modernization Vs traditionalism SAVAK secret police- took away freedom
what changed after the iranian revolution? there government! changed into theocracy= country is governed by religious law
what does Irans public face tell you? (gov't, who rules iran, degree of freedom, weapons?) they are a democracy, they have a president(ahmadinejad), they are a free society share equality, & that Iran doesnt have nuclear weapons
what does Iran private face tell you? (gov't, who rules iran, degree of freedom, weapons?) theocracy-rigged elections, supreme leader/dictator, repressive society-press is controlled by gov't, evidence that iran is producing fuel for nucs.
define sanction when you restrict something , basically like a boycott, going againest whats right
Iraq: what happens in pre Saddam ? ottoman empire rules & turkification european influence& wanted them to modernize & messes everything up
Saddam does ___. & means? purge.. execution of many innocent lives..his own people
Saddam started party purges, authoritarian, censored his country
how does Iraq geography affect there people? want/ need access to water to be able to trade/make money, but they lack that bc the only get a small little part of the persian gulf..while iran gets the most access to it. they broke and neeed $$
which war lasted 96 hrs long? & significance about it? persian gulf war bc they need money & want the oil from kuwait
what is significant about the Kurds ? ethnic group wanted there own land and obvi saddam being the dictator said no and killed them hence party purges.
orographic effect pic goes water, city, mts. US example seattle
define Arab spring middle east movement where there are people protesting for individual freedoms, economic reform, & overall a better QOL
what is significant about egypt & saudi arabia location? geopolitical power bc of the Sinai peninsula. good for trading- suez canal= chokepoint
who colonized Egypt? British- controlled by the ottoman empire wanted them the turkify.
egyptian patterns in gov't? with every president they have they hoped for a democracy but ended up with authoritarian govv't.
what is significant about President Mubarek? (egypt) authoritarian, 6 assassentation attemps, if you critize the gov't= 5 yrs in prison get arrested, his elections led to media crackdown. arab spring protesters began.
Egypt patterns after failed gov't over aand over again. authoritian gov't, when the pres steps down they think they will get a new democratic leader.
Syria: there geography & good percentage of airable land is good for what? 24% arable land good for farming, part of the fertile crescent
who colozied Syria? & what type of Gov't do they have? French & authoritarian
Syria: 1963 revolution consists of what? ba'ath party--> general Hafez Al Assad part of.
define anti-zionist and who was this ? syria: being againest the movement of jews to set up there own country/home land in Israel bc they're jews and are hated by many people in the M.E.
3 examples why syria was anti-zionist Syria/Basan Al Assad invaded idrael. lost the golan heights supports Hamas & hezbollah
what is significant about the red sea? main shipping routes between Europe, the Persian Gulf and East Asia. & cannot be used for drinking or irrigation.
where is the persian gulf located in the mid. east lies b/w iran and suadi arabia.. iraq gets a little bit of coastline but not enough
what is significant about the persain gulf? world's largest single source of crude oil, and related industries.
where is the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers located? which country? 2 large rivs. in Iraq.. that is used as a source for much of the areas water needs.
name a cultural health example in the middle east where relgion and ect began. Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
which body of land/ landform/ region is considered a geopolitical power bc of its huge reserves of oil & natural gas? Arabian Peninsula
chokepoint example in the middle east? & how/why? suez canel bc Because of its narrow width, it is considered a chokepoint because it can easily be blocked to interrupt this flow of trade.
75% GPD from oil iran & iraq
Taliban A fundamentalist Muslim movement whose militia took control of much of Afghanistan
define arid & what is significant about arid climate? very dry or desert like. M.E. does not have enough water to support animal life or agriculture.
define semi-arid & give 2 country examples? Areas of low annual rainfall and having sparse plant life with short coarse grasses. Syria & northern Iraq
what are the middle east abundunce & scarcity resources & what doo they mean? Abundance- they have alot of that resource=Oil Scarcity- very limited to that resource do not have alot of=water
what are palestine struggles/ limitations? they dont control their own borders, airspace or trade, seperate & competing gov't in Gaaza & the west bank, & no army/police
what is the threat to peace between israel & palestine ? terrorism/ terrorist attacts
define theocracy & a country example? gov't is runned by a religious leader, religion take over & Iran
name of an Islam follower & what do they believe in? list them A follower of Islam is called a Muslim. Muslims believe in the Five Pillars. 1. faith 2. fasting(ramadam) 3. charity 4. pilgrimage to mecca 5. praying 5 times a day
define Sunni & __% of muslims are Sunni Muslims who believe that religious leaders (Imams) are chosen. 90%
define shite(shia) & where might they be found? __% of muslims? Muslims who believe that religious leaders (Imams) descended from the prophet, Mohammed. They believe that only Imams can interpret the Quran (Koran.) Iran, Iraq, & Lebanon. 10% muslims
define monarchy & what is a country example gov't ruled by a single person (king) like saudi arabia
define geopolitcal power the combo of geographic & political factors that influence or define a country or region
how is most of the middle east have such geopolitical power? richness of natural resources
who was the first country to use modern chemical warfare in 1984 war with another country? Iraq to Iran
give an example of a civil unrest? (conflict caused by people causing riots & sabotage) arab spring, over many middle eastern countries as citizens protested governmeents
define secular something that is not related to religion
what does secularism in islam mean? favoring a modern nonspiritual democracy with seperation of mosque & state, as oppossed to islam as a political movement.
what do oil tankers risk at chokepoints? heavy traffic, piracy, & any distrupution can lead to instability in oil prices.
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