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Ethical terms

Defamation Offense of injuring another's reputation
Common Law Judge made law/common court decision
Civil Law Enforcement of civil or private matters
Slander Speaking falsely about another
Res ipsa loquitur The thing speaks for itself
Fraud Deliberate deception
Grossly negligent Intentional failure to perform a duty
Vicariously liable Legally obligated in place of someone else
Informed consent Consent with understanding of risks
Malpractice Professional misconduct
Bias Temperament based on personal judgement
Liability State or quality of being responsible for
Therapeutic Pertaining to the act of healing
Tort Private or civil wrong or injury
Libel Defamatory words that are printed
Malfeasance Doing an act that is wrongful and unlawful
Criminal Law Deals with conduct against society
Reasonable cause Acceptable degree of care
Due care Adequate regard for someone's rights
Implied Not indicated by direct words
Respondeat superior Let the master speak
Ethics Acceptable professional mode of behavior
Power of attorney Authorizing another person to act as an agent
Third party payer Patient not responsible for the bill
Litigation Contest in court to enforce right
Critical Thinking Purposepul, self-regulatory judgment resulting in interpretation, analysis, evaluation and inference
Values Qualities or standards desirable or worthy of esteem in themselves
Define consequentialism. Ethical school of thought where decisions are based on the consequences.
Define deontology. Ethical school of thought that bases decision making on individual motives and morals rather than consequences.
Virtue Ethics New ethical school of thought
What are the components of current law? Common law, statutory law and judicial decisions
Which tort most often involves imaging professionals? Negligence
What are the phases of a lawsuit? Pleading phase, discovery phase and trial
Consequentialism is another name for? Teleology
Beneficence Performance of good acts.
Nonmaleficence The avoidance for evil.
Negligence Unintentional tort involving duty, breach of duty, injury and causation
Autonomy The concept that patients are to be treated as individuals and informed about procedures to facilitate appropriate decisions.
Advance Directives Predetermined (usually written) choice made to inform others of the ways in which patient wishes to be treated while incompetent.
Assault Deliberate act wherein one person threatens to harm another without consent and victim feels attacker has ability to carry out the threat.
Battery Touching to which the victim has not consented.
Veracity Obligation to tell the truth and not to lie or deceive others.
Place of communication The environment of the expectation of truth
Obligatory secret A confidence that will result in harm if it is revealed.
HIPPA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
Defamation Making of a false statement to a 3rd party that is harmful to the reputation .
Slander Oral defamation
Libel Written defamation
Life The entire state of the living thing.
Sanctity of Human Life The ideal underpinning the obligation not to take human life.
Euthanasia Deliberately ending the life of another to end suffering.
Passive Euthanasia The ending of another person's life by withdrawing treatment
Active Euthanasia Ending of another person's life by an aggressive method to end suffering
Slippery Slope When one act leads to another and then to another at an accelerating rate
Quality of Life Encompasses essential traits that make life worth living.
Durable Power of Attorney Document executed by competent person to appoint another (an agent) to make health care decisions when principal becomes incompetent
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