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Arth 120 exam 3

Baroque caraviggio and Bernini
Rococo rocaille “pebble/shell work”
Neoclassical crystalline forms, tight compositions, shallow low space of ancient relief sculpture
Romantic Emotion, horror, violence Inward individualistic focus (imagination) Catharsis: soul cleansing Emphasis on natural behavior (sexuality) Nostalgia, exoticism England: Gothic Revival: nostalgia Gothic revival: associated with spiritual, communal idea
scroll buttress any external prop or support built to steady a structure by opposing its outward thrusts, especially a projecting support built into or against the outside of a masonry wall.
pilaster A rectangular column with a capital and base, projecting only slightly from a wall as an ornamental motif
pediment triangles
giant order columns or pilasters span two or more stories
Solomonic column twisted columns
realism extreme naturalism, ordinariness
counter-Reformation the movement for reform within the Roman Catholic Church that followed the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century.
council of Trent 1545-1563 art was to be direct and compelling in its narrative presentation
Tenebrism “dark style”, dramatic light-dark contrast (spotlighting)
classical landscape idealized landscape
Rubeniste followers of Ruben (universal appeal of color)
Poussiniste conservative followers of Poussin (line appeals to the mind)
painterly loose brushwork
still life stilleven
breakfast piece when they painted fruits and flowers
vanitas theme (the sensual life pleasures won’t last)
drypoint engraving + burr
state print made from reworked plate
genre scene print made from reworked plate print made from reworked
camera obscura pinhole camera (17th century Italian)
arabesque Intricate tendril-like forms
salon social room/ entertainment room
chinoiserie wool embroidery on cotton, later reapplied to silk satin ground (derive from Chinese)
figure a la mode fashion plates-individual prints
reception piece painting made for acceptance to an academy
Fête galante scene of lovers at a party dress
commedia dell’arte Italian comedy , skits and plays Greater commercialization of art in 18th c.
Arcadian landscape unspoiled, harmonious wilderness
pastel A drawing medium of dried paste made of ground pigments and a water-based binder that is manufactured in crayon form.
veduta (Italian: “view”), detailed, largely factual painting, drawing, or etching depicting a city, town, or other place.
Grand Tour Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome
history painting religious theme
Grand Manner portraiture (portraits in mythological or classical setting)
sublime vicarious feeling of awe when confronted by superhuman power
modern history painting contemporary emotional drama
lithograph Not cutting or gouging metal plate Using flat stone, draw on with wax Apply ink to stone, then print on paper Eventually switched to metal Used to print multiple versions fast
virtuoso brushwork done really fast
Created by: carynn9897