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Vocab 30-terms

veneer (noun) 1. A thin layer of fine material put on the surface of something in order to make it more attractive or cover defects; a deceptively attractive outward appearance (verb) 2. To cover something with a veneer of fine material
venerable (adjective) Worthy of reverence or respect because of character, position, age or religious or historical associations
veracity (noun) Habitual adherence to the truth; accuracy
versatile (adjective) Capable of doing many things or serving many functions
veto (noun) 1. The right or power of the chief executive to reject measures approced by the legislative body; an authoritative prohibition (verb) 2. To prevent a bill from becoming law by exercising the right of veto; to prohibit or reject
vie (verb) To struggle for superiority with; to contend with
vindictive (adjective) Inclined to seek revenge; intended to inflict pain or harm
vitiate (verb) To impair the quality, force, or value of, to debase
volatile (adjective) 1. Evaporating readily at normal temperatures or pressure levels 2. Changeable and potentially explosive
wane (verb) 1. To decrease gradually in size, extent, power, or intensity (noun) 2 A gradual decline or decrease
wrath (noun) Intense anger
yoke (noun) 1. A wooden frame joinging a pair of oxen or other draft animals together at the neck any form or symbol of bondage or subjection (verb) 2. To join or bond together
zany (noun) 1. A comical person given to outlandish behavior; a buffoon (adjective) 2. Ludicrously comic, bizarre, or absurd
zeal (noun) Enthusiastic devotion to something; fervor
zenith (noun) 1. The point of a celestial sphere that is directly above the observer and veritcally opposite the extreme point below 2. The highest point or state of something
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