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Aztec Unit - Darden

Aztec Unit - Darden

Small plot of land reclaimed from the mud of the lake. Chinampas
Calmecac school for priests
Telpochcalli clan's boarding school for training warriors
Agave or Maguey type of cactus used for cloth, thatching for huts and to make alcoholic drink
astrologer priest who studied stars and how their movement affected their life on earth
cochineal red dye produced from crushing thousands of tiny red insects
Glyphs tiny pictures used for writing instead of words
incense subtance burnt at religious ceremonies to produce exotic fragrances
jade semi-precious stone, green in color. Only nobles were allowed to wear it.
quetzal a bird of the pheasant family. Only kings and nobles were allowed to wear its feathers.
A vegetable rather like a pumpkin grown by the Aztecs. Squash
Tribute goods and wealth paid to Aztecs by smaller neighboring tribes.
Tortilla flat pancake made from maize and baked on a flat griddle
War of Flowers war arranged between neighboring tribe allowing each side to take prisoners for sacrifice to the gods
a volcanic glass used to make spearheads and blades Obsidian
The main _____________ was the center of life. square
The ________ settled empire business with his council of four chiefs. King
The ___________________ presided over High Court of Justice and attended everyday city affairs. The Snake Woman
In AD1000 the ____________ Empire in the valley of Mexico was destroyed. Toltec
The Aztecs settled on the small island in _________, the only free land left. Lake Texcoco
Name the Aztec capitol. Tenochtilan
T/F - The only to join nobility was by bravery in war. True
T/F - The Snake Woman's responsibilities included foreign affairs and war. False (these are the King's duties)
T/F - All the land was owned by the clan and was given to women when they became priests. False
T/F - The market was disorganized and poorly laid out. False
Fattened ____________ were sold as a delicacy. puppies
T/F - Money was used to buy and sell goods. False
The noble's palace was built of whitewashed stone and with over _________ rooms. 100 rooms
T/F - Palaces had doors. False
____________ was ground into flour and boiled into porridge. Maize
_______________ people enjoyed turtles and crabss imported from the coast. Rich people
_____________ was precious, as it all had to be reclaimed from the lake. Land
Crops included: beans, sage, amaranth, tomatoes, ___________ and squash. peppers
What age did girls marry? about 16
What age did boys marry? at age 20
A wife could work as a midwife, ___________ or a healer a matchmaker
_______________ were a way of showing a person's rank. Clothes
Very strict ________________ determined who could wear what. laws
___________ and basketball come from the ancient American game of tlachtli. Netball
Name the god of gambling. Five Flower
What color paint did priests use on their bodies? black
Name the god of priests. Quetzalcoatl
Priests could work as the palace scribe, __________ or a soothsayer. a doctor
Who could read the sacred calendar? Only priests
T/F - No one dared to name a child, go on a journey or start a new piece of work without consulting the king. False
T/F - Aztec calendar was used to foretell the future. True
T/F - Aztecs believed that there were lucky and unlucky days. True
Aztecs believed the gods sacrificed themselves to create the ________________. sun
T/F - All Aztec festivals were gruesome. False
Name the most important Aztec festival. New Fire Ceremony
Name the god of rain. Tlaloc
Serpent heads and eagle __________ were carved around stone walls. warriors
All roads lead to the great temple of __________________. Blue Hummingbird
_________________ was a family business. Feather-working
What color are the feathers of the quetzal bird? green
Goldsmiths used what method to create round objects? lost wax method
How were lazy boys punished? By the use of thorns
The best warriors joined ______________. eagle and jaguar warriors
Tied up his hair and had successfully captured 3 enemies "Master of Cuts"
The king found merchants very useful as ______. spies
_____________ were in the form of taxation and detailed lists were drawn up showing exactly what goods each town should pay the Aztec state. Tributes
_________________ was the last king of the Aztecs. Montezuma II
_______________ was a "Master of Cuts" by age 18 and a qualified priest. Montezuma II
Montezuma II tried to live like the ________ kings and this displeased his people. Toltec
The Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes landed at ______________ in 1519. Vera Cruz
T/F - The Spaniards believed Montezuma was their god and dare not fight him. False
How many men defeated the Aztec Empire? 600
Created by: cathydarden



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