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RES 280 Final Prep

280 Final Prep

A PaO2 below what value would be considered severe hypoxemia? 40 mm Hg
Which of the following is FALSE regarding body fluids and electrolytes? Interstitial fluid contains substantially more protein than does plasma.
What term is used to describe a red blood cell (RBC) count that is below normal values? What term is used to describe a red blood cell (RBC) count that is below normal values? Anemia
What is a normal level for CaO2? 18 to 20 ml/100 ml
In which of the following clinical settings would hyperkalemia be a significant problem? During weaning from mechanical ventilation
Your patient has an elevated aspartate aminotransferase (AST). What two organs are most likely diseased? heart and liver
What is the normal anion gap? 8 to 16 mEq/L
What term is used to describe the increase in neutrophils due to recruitment of marginated cells back into the circulating blood? Pseudoneutrophilia
What term is used to describe a potassium concentration that is below normal in the blood serum? Hypokalemia
A physician requests that you obtain and set up an arterial line system for invasive monitoring of blood pressure. Which of the following equipment would you gather? I. Pressurized intravenous bagII. Continuous flush deviceIII. Arterial catheterIV. Pressure transducerV. Amplifier or monitor
Which of the following is an isotonic solution? 0.90% NaCl
In which of the following solutions do the molecules of solute remain intact? Nonpolar covalent
During examination of a patient's extremities, you press firmly for a brief period on a fingernail. You observe that it takes about 5 seconds for the color to return to the nail bed. This finding is most consistent with which of the following? Reduction in cardiac output or poor peripheral perfusion.
What breathing pattern is associated with diabetic ketoacidosis? Kussmaul breathing
What term is used to describe a sodium concentration that is below normal in the blood serum? Hyponatremia
What type of solution could have 1 gEq of solute per L of solution? Normal
Factors contributing to imprecision (random) errors during blood gas analysis include all of the following except. Contaminated buffers
Which of the following axis placements represents right-axis deviation? +120
What disease is associated with a barrel chest? Emphysema
Which of the following is TRUE of peripheral cyanosis? Sign of inadequate tissue perfusion.
What is the most common cause of jugular venous distention (JVD)? Right-sided heart failure
Which of the following is NOT one of the formed elements in the blood? Electrolytes
What is the technical term for secretions from the tracheobronchial tree that have not been contaminated by the mouth? Phlegm
All of the following sites are used for arterial blood sampling by percutaneous needle puncture except: Carotid
While palpating the chest of a patient who repeats the words "ninety-nine," you note an area of increased tactile fremitus over the left lower lobe. Which of the following could explain this finding? Pneumonia
Which of the following statements is NOT true about type 1 and type 2 diabetes? Type 1 is most often due to increased caloric intake.
Factors contributing to bias (systematic) errors during blood gas analysis include all of the following except. Statistical probability
What does the presence of stridor indicate? Upper airway obstruction
Which of following is NOT a nonhydroxide base? Ammonium
Continuous SpO2 monitoring (versus a spot check) is indicated in all of the following situations except. O2 therapy
An increase in intensity and clarity of vocal resonance because of enhanced transmission of sound is referred to as which of the following? Bronchophony
How is the gram-equivalent (gEq) weight of a substance computed? Dividing its gram atomic weight by its valence.
Pick the correct statement as it relates to hemoglobin and acid-base buffering. Deoxygenated hemoglobin is a fairly strong base.
A patient with asthma would tend to exhibit which of the following? Prolonged exhalation
You are asked to provide continuous monitoring of the FIO2 provided by a humidified O2 delivery system using a galvanic cell analyzer. Where would you install the analyzer's sensor? Proximal to the heated humidifier.
Precautions and/or possible complications of arterial puncture include which of the following? I. ArteriospasmII. EmbolizationIII. InfectionIV. Hemorrhage
What is the normal range for serum phosphate? 1.2 to 2.3 mEq/L.
Which of the following changes in the characteristics of wheezing indicate improvement in airway obstruction following bronchodilator therapy? Lower pitch, shorter duration
What term best describes a loud, high-pitched continuous sound heard (often with the unaided ear) primarily over the larynx or trachea during inhalation in patients with upper airway obstruction? Stridor
What term is used to describe a white blood cell (WBC) count that is below normal values? Leukopenia
Positive ions are referred to as what? Cations
Clinical manifestations of hypocalcemia would NOT include which of the following? Depressed tendon reflexes
During auscultation of a patient's chest, you hear coarse crackles throughout both inspiration and expiration. These sound clear when the patient coughs. Which of the following is the most likely cause of these adventitious sounds? Movement of excessive secretions in the airways.
While observing a patient's breathing, you note that the depth and rate first increase, then decrease, followed by a period of apnea. Which of the following terms would you use in charting this observation? I. Central nervous system disorderII. Congestive heart failure
How long should you wait before drawing an ABG on a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patient whose FIO2 has just been changed? 20 to 30 minutes
Which of the following describes an aspect of pH? Any solution with a pH of 7 is neutral.
In which of the following conditions might the intensity of the heart sounds be reduced? I. Heart failureII. Severe obesityIII. PneumothoraxIV. Pleural effusionV. Pulmonary hyperinflation
Your patient has an abnormal sensorium.Which of the following is most likely true? He is confused about where he is.
What is the relation between pure water and acid-base balance? The concentrations of both H+ and OH- ions are equal.
Which of the following symptoms is least often associated with hypoglycemia? Shortness of breath
Created by: Cam1228
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