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Ch 4 Rad Protection

Radiation Monitoring

____ is the amount, rate and distribution of radiation emitted from a source of ionizing radiation Dosimetry
____ is a device used to detect and measure exposure to radiation. Dosimeter
A ____ is an individual who plans optimal radiation treatment dosage patter for radiation therapy. dosimetrist
A dosimeter is required whenever radiation workers are likely to receive ___% or more of the annual occupational EfD limit of 50 mSv (5 rem)/year. 10
Head, neck and eyes receive ___ - ___x more exposure than protected trunk. 10-20 x
Four different types of personnell monitors? film badges, pocket ionization charmbers, optically stimulated luminecence dosimeters (OSL)and TLD.
Film badges contain a series of filers made of ____ and ____. aluminum; copper
What the range of sensitivity of film badges? 10 - 500mrem
Advantages of film badges? inexpensive, permanent legal record of exposure and can monitor beta, gamma and x-ray.
Film badges are accurate only at ___ mrem or higher. 10
For film badges, ___ = dose is below the minimum. M
OSL dosimeters uses ___ ___ detector stimulated by a laser beam. aluminum oxide
OSL releases energy as a ___ ___. visible light
OSL dosimeters can be worn for up to ___ months. 12
OSL dosimeters are sensitive to 1 mrem and up to 1000 rem for ___ and ___ radiation. x-ray; gamma
Pocket Ionization Chambers are accurate for _ to ___ mR. 0; 200
Pocket ionization chambers are ____ sensitive. most
Pocket ionization chambers can give ____ readings. immediate
TLD's can be worn up to ___ months and then reused. 3
____ are more sensitive and accurate than film badges (5mrem). TLD's
TLD's can be very ___ and provide no permanent record. expensive
THree basic types of field survery instruments: ionization chambers, geiger-mueller counter and proportional counter
Ioniztion chamber (cutie pie) collects ions in a chamber filled with ___ and ___. helium; argon
Ioniztion chambers are sensitive to _ mR to ___ R per hour. 1; 1000
A ___ gives an audible alert if there is any contamination from radioactive isotopes. geiger-mueller counter
A geiger-mueller counter will ____ alpha, beta and gamma radiation. detect (rather than measure)
A ____ counter can distinguish between alpha and beta radiation. proportional
A scintillation counter is sensitive to ___ and ___ radiation. x-ray; gamma