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tetracycline broad spectrum antibiotic affecting a wide range of m/o's
tetracycline adverse effects stains developing teeth-stains are permanet and darken with time-if given to a child 2mos - 7-8 yrs the permanent teeth will be affected...if given prestored in the enamel and dentin of unerupted teeth and are concentrated in the gingival crevicular fluid
tetracyclines pharmacokinetics usually given po, rapid absorption, wide distribution, secreted in saliva and breast milk, concentrated in the liver, excreted into the intestines via the bile
tetracycline spectrum interferes with bacterial protein synthesis-effective against a wide variety of gram- aerobes and anaerobes; bacterial resistance develops slowly, therefor pcn is preferred over tetracycline if there is no allergy-treats ANUG
tetracycline-dental uses drug of choice for certain perio infections but NOT for premed
ideal tetracycline therapy would be delivered directly to the gingival crevice, thereby greatly reducing the systemic dose
tetracycline as premed-1 situation pcn-resistant A.A. organisms have been shown to produce endocarditis. therefore, to prevent endocarditis infection from AA after dental trtmt in patients at risk, a full course (3 wks) should be administered according to the AHA guidelines.
tetracyclines adverse rxns GI: incorporated into calcifying structures, if taken while teeth are being calcified permanent discoloration and enamel hypocalcification can occur. Should not be used in children < 9 yrs old or in pregnant women
Minocylcine can cause black pigmentation of the mandibular and maxillary alveolar bone and the hard palate. when viewed through the mucosa it appears blue
tetracyclines: hepatoxicity liver damage increases with iv use, deaths have occured, esp. in pregnant women, kidney damage is possible
tetracyclines: nephrotoxicity nephrotoxic and should not be used w/ other nephrotoxic drugs
tetracyclines: other side effects hematological effects, candida suprainfections, PHOTOSENSITIVITY, anaphylaxis has occured
tetracyclines and dairy dairy products containing Ca, antacids containing Ca and mineral supplements (Fe, Ca, Zinc) fortified foods, should not be taken within 2 hours of ingesting tetracycline
tetracyclines drug interactions digoxin, lithium, theophylline, oral sulfonylureas, barbituates, phenytoin, BCPS, oral anticoagulants, and other antibiotics
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