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English Vocab

English Vocab for your Final

pacify to soothe anger or agitation (verb)
pacifist a person opposed to war or violence, especially someone who refuses to fight on moral/religious grounds (noun)
pact an agreement between two or more people; treaty between nations to deal with problem (noun)
antebellum existing before a war, especially before the civil war (US) (adj)
bellicose warlike, aggressive, quarrelsome (adj)
belligerence aggressiveness, combativeness (noun)
rebellion open defiance, opposition, sometimes armed, to a person, thing, or authority
criminology the study of crime, criminals, law enforcement, and punishment (noun)
decriminalize to remove or reduce the criminal status of (verb)
incriminate to show evidence of involvement in a crime or fault (verb)
recrimination an accusation in answer to an accusation against oneself (noun)
approbation a formal act of approving; praise usually given with pleasure/enthusiasm (noun)
probate process of proving in court that the will of someone who has died is valid, and of administering the estate of a dead person (noun)
probity absolute honesty and uprightness (noun)
reprobate a person of thoroughly bad character (noun)
amicable friendly, peaceful (adj)
enamored charmed or fascinated; inflamed with love (adj)
amorous having or showing feelings of attraction and love (adj)
paramour a lover, often secret, not allowed by law or custom (noun)
grave require serious thought or concern serious and formal in appearance or manner (verb)
gravitate to move or be drawn toward something especially by natural tendency or by invisible force (verb)
aggravate to make more serious and severe; to annoy or bother (verb)
alleviate to lighten, lessen, or relieve, especially physical/mental suffering (verb)
elevation the height of a place; act of result of lifting something (noun)
cantilever a long piece of wood metal, etc that sticks out from a wall to support something above it (noun)
levity lack of appropriate seriousness (noun)
gravitas great or very dignified seriousness (noun)
kleptomania mental illness in which a person has a strong desire to steal things (noun)
dipsomaniac a person with an extreme and uncontrolled desire for alcohol (noun)
megalomaniac a mental disorder marked by feelings of great personal power and importance (noun)
egomaniac someone who is extremely self-centered and ignores the problems and concerns of others
psyche soul, personality, mind (noun)
psychedelic relates to a drug that produces abnormal and often extreme mental effects (hallucinations, visions, etc)(adj)
psychosomatic caused by mental or emotional problems rather than physical illness (adj)
psychotherapist one who treats mental or emotional disorder or related body ills by psychological problems (noun)
crim (root) fault, crime, accusation
grav (root) heavy, weighty, serious
lev light, raise,lighten
bene well
am love
bell war
pac agree, peace
prob prove, proof, honesty, integrity
psych breath, life, soul
mania madness, illness, excessive enthusiasm
Created by: RELSTUDY