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Africa Geo 18-19

basins depressions
Nile River world's longest river, flows through Uganda and Sudan and into Egypt
rift valleys thin valleys
Lake Tanganyika the longest freshwater lake in the world
Mount Kilimanjaro Africa's tallest mountain, volcanic
escarpment a steep slope with a nearly flat plateau
Sahara the largest desert in the world, located in North Africa
aquifers huge stores of underground water
oasis where the water from aquifers comes to the surface
Serengeti Plain grassland in norther Tanzania, dry climate, hard soil
canopy the uppermost layer of branches
Niger delta a region that contains most of Nigeria's oil
Sahel "shore of the desert" a narrow band of dry grassland that runs east to west along the southern edge of the Sahara
Desertification an expansion of dry conditions into moist areas that are next to deserts
silt sediment
Olduvai Gorge located in northern Tanzania contained the most continuos known record of humanity
Aksum an important civilization in East Africa
Berlin Conference lay down rules for dividing Africa, not African ruler was invited to attend
Masai an East African ethnic group that lives on the grasslands of the rift valleys in Kenya and Tanzania
pandemic an uncontrollable outbreak of disease affecting a large population over a wide area
Carthage one of the great cities of ancient Africa founded by a Phoenician queen
rai a kind of music
Goree Island one of the busiest points for exporting slaves during the slave trades
stateless society people rely on family lineages to govern themselves rather than an elected government or a monarch
Ashanti known for their kente cloth
Bantu migrations mass migration who moved southward throughout Africa and spread language and culture
King Leopold II king of Belgium who controlled the area of the Congo
Mobutu Sese Seko the Democratic Republic of the Congo's leader
Mutapa Empire extended throughout all of present day Zimbabwe except the eastern part
apartheid complete separation of the races
Nelson Mandela emerged as one of the leader of the ANC, wanted to end apartheid
Frederik de Klerk became president of South Africa at the end of apartheid
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