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E/SE Asia 27-28

Kunlun Mountains located in west China, source of China's great rivers Huang He (yellow river), Chiang Jiang (Yangtze river)
Qinling Shandi Mountains divides China into north and south
Huang He river (yellow) also called "China's sorrow" because it causes terrible floods, empties into the yellow sea, has yellow silt
Chiang Jiang (Yangtze) longest river in all of Asia, major trade route
Xi Jiang (West) joins with three other rivers to form an estuary
typhoon tropical storm that occurs in the western pacific
Taklimakan desert located in western China
Gobi desert northern China, find a lot of dinosaur fossils
3 Gorges Dam built on the Chiang Jiang river to control the flooding, 3rd longest dam in the world
PCB's industrial pollutants that build up in a persons tissue that cause disease and birth defects
landfills a method of solid waste disposal, trash is buried between layers of dirt
dynasty a series of rulers from the same family
spheres of influence a method of dividing foreign control
Boxer Rebellion an uprising in china in 1900 by angry Chinese militants against the foreign control
Confucianism the philosophy of Confucius
Taoism the teaching of Lao Tzu
Buddhism focuses on rebirth and the end of the rebirth cycle
economic tiger a nation that has rapid economic growth due to cheap labor, high technology, and aggressive exports
pacific rim the countries surrounding the pacific ocean
3 kingdoms Koguryo, Paekche, and Silla. They form the Korean peninsula
Seoul the largest city in South Korea
Pyongyang the largest city in North Korea
samurai professional soldiers
shogun general of the emperor's army, like a military dictator (Japan)
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