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exceptional children

ch. 1

The physical and/or learning characteristics of exceptional children differ from the norm to such an extent that they require specialized services. Which group of exceptional children are NOT included under IDEA? Gifted and Talented
A school must educate students with disabilities with students who do not have disabilities to the maximum extent appropriate for the student. This is IDEA principle of: Least Restrictive Environmen
An IEP is an education plan for students ages three through 21 (3 through 25 in Michigan) with disabilities. Which of the following is an education plan for students from birth through age two? IFSP—Individualized Family Service Plan
Which of the following is the MOST prevalent disability among American schoolchildren? learning disability
Prior to the 1970’s students with disabilities. were educated in segregated settings
Travis is a 3rd grade student with an intellectual disability. He is in a third grade class. Students in his class are learning their multiplication facts.She gives him a wksht from a kindergarten class. which disadvantage of labeling is this? lowered expectations
Considering the appropriate use of disability-related terminology, which is the most acceptable phrase? children with intellectual and developmental disabilities
One benefit that IDEA provides for family members includes procedures to follow when they do not agree with schools about the education planned for or being delivered to their children. These procedures are referred to as due process
Which principle of IDEA states that no child with a disability can be excluded from a free appropriate public education zero reject
Amelia is a student with autism. She does not speak. Instead she types what she wants to say into a device that converts the text to speech. The device helps Amelia to express her desires and needs. This is an example of... assistive technology
Explain what is meant by the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE
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