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Integrated Project Management

According to survey data, 30% of projects are never completed. IPM adds a special method of creating useful time buffers or risk factors.
Skills needed to run a project are the same as any other managerial role except, the objective is to win the support of team members who often must be treated as if they were volunteers. A PM with limited technical skills who is somewhat awkward in interpersonal relationships can still successfully lead a project.
The success of a project depends on the PM instilling in the team the fact that they are the lifeblood of a project. Many team members feel that thare are already overscheduled when they are assigned to a project team.
To ensure project participation by project team members, the PM is forced to treat them as volunteers. To establish trust & credibility, PM's must be honest and forthright regarding any info regarding the org or technology.
Praise should not be extended under false pretenses in an effort to undermine or manipulate persons later. In an effort to motivate and individual that has been resistant to participate is to give them individual attention. This might have to occur in a on on one conversation.
Recognition with rewards is the strongest motivator The PM & the team must speak the same language. Without it, chaos will reign.
Limiting meetings to 2 hrs helps gain meeting participation from the "volunteers". Internal customers. Even though we may all work in different departments, we must all work together to achieve a successful project team.
A PM cannot be expected to be a master trainer but must be conscious of he trainer/mentor role & plan to deliver whatever training is needed. Negotiations with a customer occur at a project's outset & are done to arrive at a project's specification.
Created by: kembap
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