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Final RT Lecture3

lecture final 3rd semester

what projection shows proximal tib/fib joint open? oblique
what position shows tibia superimposed over the posterior part of fibula? lateral
what is a nosocomial infection? health care facility based or acquired infection
medical aseptic disinfecting
surgical aseptic sterelization
standard precations treat pt as if infected
transmisson-based precautions when you know the pt has a disease
adult temp. 98.6 degrees F
adult pulse 60-90 beats/min
adult respiration 15-20 breaths/min
adult blood pressure 90-120(systolic)/50-70(diastolic)
pyrexia fever
syanosis turn blue
dyspnea difficulty breathing
hypoxia lack of oxygen in blood
how much of the air we breath is oxygen 21%
bradycardia heart beat less than 60 beats/min
tachycardia heart beat more than 100 beats/min
diaphoresis profuse sweating
syncope fainting
NG tube nasogastric, nose to stomach, to relieve pressure
NE tube nasoenteric, nose to small intestine, to relieve pressure
chest tube to re-inflate lungs, also drain fluid
gastrostomy tubes into stomach thru abdomen
endotracheal tube mouth to trachea, for breathing
5 rights to drug administration 1.Right patient 2.Right drug 3.Right amount 4.Right route 5.Right time
Tort civil wrong against a person for which the court provides a remedy in the form of an action for damages
Respondent superior "let the master answer"
Resipsa loquitor "the thing speaks for itself"
Assault threat of touching in an injurious manor
Battery unlawful touching or use of force on a person
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
what level is the vertebra prominens at? C7-T1
what level is the jugular notch at? T2-3
what level is the sternal angle at? T4-5
what level is the xiphoid process at? T9-10
what level is the iliac creat at? L4-5
what level is the ASIS at? S1-2
What are the lobes of the right lung Superior, Middle, Inferior
What are the lobes of the left lung superior, Inferior
Pleura double lined wall of lung
Hemothorax blood filled pleura cavity (pleurafusion)
Pnemothorax pleura cavity filled with air
Atelectasis collapsed lung
Ascites excess fluid
the right hemidiaphragm is higher than the? left hemidiaphragm
what does a lateral knee show? femoral condyles superimposed
what does a lateral elbow show? humeral epicondyles superimposed
what does an AP shoulder with external rotation show? greater tubercle in profile
what does an AP shoulder with internal rotation show? lesser tubercle in profile
BUN(blood,urea,nitrogen) levels 8-25
Creatine levels 0.6-1.5
concave rounded inwards
convex curved outward
lordotic natural concave curvature
lordosis abnormal concave curvature (sway back)
kyphotic normal convex curvature
kyphosis abnormal convex curvature (hump back)
scolosis lateral curvature, side to side
what does an AP C-spine show disc spaces(axial) or C1-C2 z joint (open mouth)
what does an AP T-spine show disc spaces
what does an AP L-spine show disc spaces
What does lateral C-spine show C2-7 z joints
What does lateral T-spine show foramina and pedicles
What does lateral L-spine show foramina and pedicles
What does oblique C-spine show foramina and pedicles
What does oblique T-spine show z joints anterior=downside posterior=upside
What does oblique L-spine show z joints anterior=upside posterior=downside
Created by: Chrslarsen