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Sociology Exam 3


What is the definition of capitalism? an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production, with the goal of making a profit
Describe industrial economy based on mass production of goods, dominated by large companies
What is the labor-capital accord? -resulted from collective bargaining, -focused on working conditions, pay & benefit increases, &the regulation of conflict
Describe failed competition and responses -american companies failed to compete in the 1970's because: international competition, paper entrepreneurialism (buying up of other companies), & rising costs -responses: deindustrialization, union busting, globalization, technological innovations
Describe the "new" economy -different then the old economy -growing service sector -flexible production & flexible accumulation -structural unemployment & the broken accord
Describe the labor market the labor network matches people to jobs: -internal labor markets -human capital and education -employer demand -social networks
What is organization and what are some types of them? -organizations: large formal secondary group focused around a specific task with clear boundaries -types of organizations: normative (voluntary organizations to pursue interest), coercive (total institutions), utilitarian (typically a business)
What are Corporations? companies authorized to act as a single entity (person) by law
What is Unemployment? people actively looking for a job, but can not find one
Describe the Sociology of the body standards of beauty vary across culture and time, they are extremely powerful in shaping individual self-image, wee all engage in bodily transformation as a way to project our identity
Describe the disable body a disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activites
Describe the sick role rights, privileges, and duties associated with being sick, supersedes all other roles
What is the Sociology of science? -structure of science revolutions -the Matthew effect and scientific networks -the social construction of knowledge
What is the Sociology of mental health mentally illness is strongly socially constructed, pharmaceutical drugs have helped many, but remove the social context from consideration
Why is there a rise of biomedical culture? -early physicians were not very effective and respected -three cause of rise: improved medical technology, system of licensing built on science and technology, regulation of number of doctors and medical schools
Describe the health and well-being in developing and developed countries -develop government capacity to provide health policy and care, decrease poverty, malnutrition, and fertility, emphasize on treatable diseases -developed countries: health and well-being has improved dramatically , chronic diseases do to life style
Describe the U.S. health care system -an individuals health depends on many factors -split into two dimensions: medical treatment of sick, & care of sick -health policy is the state policies pertainning to health care
What is the dilemma of U.S. health care system - how can a country that spends the most on health care have such unequal health outcomes -large number of uninsured
Describe the health care reform law 1.regulating the insurance industry to stop artificial manipulation of the risk pool 2.individual mandate 3. increase access to affordable health care
What are types of power and authority? -Power: conflict between two groups with one prevailing, power is so formidable that resisting is pointless, invisible power by choice shaping -Authority: charismatic (leader), traditional (stable authority), legal-rational
Describe the state human community that has the monopoly on the legitimate authority to use physical force within a given territory
Definitions of welfare state and social policy -welfare state: "government-protected minimum standards of income, nutrition, health, housing, & education assured to every citizen as apolitical right" -social policy: state actions designed to promote welfare
What are types of welfare states? -liberal (English-speaking) -conservative corporatist (continental European) -social democratic (Nordic) -informal security (Latin America & East Asia) -insecurity (Sub-Sahara Africa)
Definitions of media, advertising -media = any format or vehicle that carry, present, or communicate information -mass media = forms of media that reach vast numbers of people over great distances
What is the functions of religion? 1.religion provides comfort to individuals 2.religion motivates, & helps people understand, social change 3.religion is a fundamentally social act 4.religion provides a brace against chaos
What is the Sociology of religion? the study of the human system of religion
Describe religion and politics religion in laws, and wars created over religion and politics
What is transmitting religion? transmitting your religion through someone else, man way is through the family
Describe gender and sexuality in religion -gender, gender roles, sexuality, and sexual orientation are intertwined with religion -woman are more religious then men
Describe racial segregation of religion more people of a congregation are of the same race
Describe collective action actions that take place in groups and diverges from the social norms of the situation
What are types of social movements? -Alternative: target particular subgroups, limited social change -redemptive: target particular subgroups, radical social change -reformative: target entire society, limited social change -revolutionary: target entire society, radical social change
What are the stages of social movements? 1.emergence 2.coalescence 3.institutionalization 4.result: success, failure, cooperation, repression, or "Go Mainstream" 5.decline
Describe social movements and organizations social movement organizations develop to recruit members, coordinate participation, raise money, and clarify goals
Describe social movement organized purposeful, and institutionalized collective behaviors
Created by: NickUD
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