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Press&Society Final

Press and Society Final

Which is NOT one of the principles of journalism listed in the Introduction to "the Elements of Journalism"? The news should be fair and balanced
According to the authors of your textbook the purpose of journalism is... To provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing
The "awareness instinct" refers to the idea that people crave news out of basic instinct TRUE
The idea that truth should be a defense against libel was first articulated... In London in 1720 by two newspapermen writing under the pen name "Cato"
The idea that everyone is interested in and even expert in something is called... The theory of the interlocking public
The authors of the book believe that truth in journalism is a protean thing that, like learning, grows like a stalactite in a cave, drop by drop over time TRUE
The concept that journalists seek to provide the "best obtainable version of the truth" is attributed by the authors of your textbook to... Carl Bernstein
The report that described the true feelings of U.S. government leaders regarding the deteriorating nature of the war in Viet Nam and was published later by the NYT and the WP is known as... The Pentagon Papers
Walter Lippman's 1922 book Public Opinion stated that "The function of truth is to bring to light the hidden facts, to set them into relation with one another, and make a picture of reality upon which men can act" TRUE
The authors of the book would agree that truth... Is relatively easy to define, and journalists who fail to present the truth in their coverage are simply overlooking the obvious
The authors of the book would agree that journalists who select sources to express what is really their own point of view, and then use neutral voice to... Make it seem objective are engaged in deception
Walter Lippman believed that... The journalist is not objective, but his method can be
The term "accidental witnesses" refers to the journalistic practice of refusing to interview by-standers at an accident scene because they are too emotionally unstable to be reliable FLASE
Stanford University psychologist William Damon discovered that most reporters develop standards for verifying their reporting by... Through trial and error, on their own, or from a friend
The discussion in the book describing how major news outlets like the NYT and WP misquoted Al Gore about Love Canal illustrates... Technology can weaken the process of double-checking the accuracy of reporting
According to Kovach and Rosenstiel, fairness and balance should never be pursued for their own sake or invoke as journalism's goal TRUE
Why do the authors of the textbook believe that fairness and balance can lead to distortion? Because often there are more than two sides to a story
Concept of transparency as discussed in the book Most of the limitations journalists face in trying to move from accuracy to truth are addressed, if not overcome, by being honest about the nature of their knowledge, why they trust it, and what efforts they make to learn more
The authors believe that it is permissible for journalists to deceive sources about the purpose or intention of a story if the information is sufficiently vital to the public interest to justify deception TRUE
What is not included on the Denver Post's list of questions that the editor suggested to be used in evaluating the use of anonymous sources: What reasons does the source have for requesting anonymity?
The authors of the book believe that the case of Jayson Blair at the NYT... Helped expose ethical lapses and flaws in the hierarchal structure of the NYT
What best characterizes the authors opinion about the principle that "Journalists have an obligation to exercise their personal conscience" Those who work for news organizations must recognize a personal obligation to differ with or challenge editors, owners, advertisers, and even citizens and established authority if fairness and accuracy require they do so
NBC's Dateline correspondent Michele Gillen's objections to rigged tests that seemed to show truck gas tanks igniting dramatically in a crash convinced her boss not to air the program FALSE
Carol Marin resigned from Chicago's WMAQ television station because... She thought the station's newscast was degenerating into sleaze when it hired Jerry Springer
The authors of the book believe that the goal of diversity in a newsroom should be not only to assemble a newsroom that might resemble the community but also one that is open and honest so this diversity can function TRUE
The view of noted NYT columnist Anthony Lewis concerning Katherine Graham's decision to authorize the publication of the Pentagon Papers in the WP in 1971 It demonstrated that much of the press was no longer willing to be merely an occasionally critical associate (of government), devoted to common aims, but intended to become an adversary
Which is one of the pressures against individual conscience News organizations tend to fall into a process of cascading rationalization that can undermine and discourage acts of individual conscience
Statement that reflects the opinion of journalist Gregory Favre, who teaches at the Poynter Institute Journalists have an obligation to question themselves, just as they question others, and to live and work by the same set of values that you ask of those they cover
The authors believe that citizens have no responsibilities whatsoever in helping to improve journalism FALSE
The authors would agree that Journalism is... Something of a calling, and everyone who works in a newsroom is a steward of that mission
The first part of Chapter 6 discusses that establishment of a new awards category for the Pulitzer Prize that recognized outstanding work in the field of... Investigative Reporting
Following the WP's reporting on the Watergate scandal, CBS launched an investigative news show titled... 60 Minutes
The Supreme Court has repeatedly struck down attempts by journalists to exercise the watchdog role FALSE
The concept that the watchdog role of journalism is to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" is attributed to... Peter Finley Dunne
Listed as one of the three main forms of investigative reporting listed in Chapter 6 Original investigative reporting, interpretive investigative reporting, reporting on investigations (All of the above)
The practice of consultants offering television stations investigative reports that provide the scripts, the shots, and the experts to interview, has been referred to as "just add water" investigative reports TRUE
The authors believe that investigative reporting carries a greater weight of responsibility than some other types of reporting because... It is often dependent on sources who are not trustworthy
When a blogger from the Atlanta area community of Buckhead challenged the authenticity of documents used by CBS to support allegations that George W. Bush had received favorable treatment by the Texas National Guard in a 60 Minutes story... The producer of the story and three other CBS staff members were removed from their jobs
Center for Public Integrity is an organization that was established to harness the power of the computer and World Wide Web to report on stories in an atmosphere that is free from the inhibiting influences of audience ratings and other pressures TRUE
Statement that best expresses the opinion of the authors of the book regarding the future of the watchdog role of journalism There is substantial doubt that investigative journalism will continue on the level that we have come to known in the last half century
Chapter 7 story talks about Chris Matthew's accusations about Cody Shearer demonstrate... That the high speed at which discussion unfolds when journalism functions as a public forum increases its power to distort and mislead, and overwhelm the other functions of a free press
Concept of Wikipedia Information supplied and edited by multiple individuals becomes reliable because factual errors inserted by one user will be caught and changed by another
One reason there are so many talk shows is that producing a talk show costs only a fraction of the cost of thoroughly reporting and delivering the news TRUE
Best characterization of the opinion of the authors concerning the new pundit class exemplified by Heather Nauert, formerly of Fox News They are untethered to any professional responsibility, or knowledge, other than the desire to continue to be on TV
Authors of the book believe that the public debate fostered by the profession of journalism should... Be nuanced and inclusive rather than a shouting match or an argument presented as entertainment
Authors of the book believe that programs hosted by Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann offer answers rather than offering debate TRUE
Textbook authors call "argument culture"? It is characterized by polarized discussions that fail to recognize the existence of any but the most extreme views about any issue
Media personalities appeared on Crossfire in 2004 as a strong critic of the program was... Jon Stewart
The authors of the book believe that the blogosphere and other Internet news corridors can easily replace the journalism of verification practiced by the mainstream news media FALSE
What expresses the duty of the press that is subject of Chapter 7? Journalism must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise
Statements about making the news engaging that authors would agree with Most people want news that is both important and interesting
Among the factors that the authors of the book believe inhibit news from being delivered in a compelling way are Haste, Laziness, Bias (all of the above)
A study of local television news by the Project for Excellence in Journalism found that TV stations that do short stories tend to lose audience, while stations that do more stories over 2 minutes gain audience TRUE
What describes findings of a study of the covers of Time and Newsweek in 1977 and 1997 1977's higher percentage of political and international figures vs. entertainment or celebrity figures was effectively reversed in 1997
What is one of the three reasons that offering news that is merely engaging and not serious fails as a business strategy? The strategy of infotainment destroys the news organization's authority to deliver more serious news and drives away audiences who want it
The authors of the book believe that while some journalists succeed in making the news engaging, the best ideas for how to accomplish this are not widely disseminated TRUE
Poynter Institute writing professor Roy Peter Clark espouses which of the following methods to blend information with storytelling Think of who as a character, what as plot, where as setting, and how as narrative
What best describes the hourglass structure in news stories Begin by telling the news, telling what happened, and then begin a narrative that is often chronological
The authors of the book believe that form can never determine function-- technique should never alter the facts TRUE
What is cited as an example of using character to pull people into stories Inclusion in a story about Elian Gonzalez of the comment of immigration officials that the boy's father knew his son's shoe size
Journalism is different from other types of businesses because... Journalism is the only American business that is Constitutionally protected from government interference
John Peter Zenger's trial in colonial America is significant because... It established the principle that truth is a defense against libel
According to the book, journalists' first loyalty is to... Citizens
The best expression of the term "interlocking public" as it is used in the book is... Everyone is interested or even expert in something
According to the authors, the person who said "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on" is... Winston Churchill
Walter Lippmann's term for practitioners of journalism is... Untrained accidental witnesses
What was a common venue for the public to receive news in England during the 18th century? Coffeehouses
Conglomeration as it pertains to journalism is best defined as... Ownership of news organizations by large business entities
In 2005 NYT reporter Judith Miller spent 85 days in jail for... Refusing to divulge an anonymous source in a story involving an undercover CIA agent
What is meant by the term "the wall" when used in relation to journalists' commitment to citizens? The separation of journalistic functions from financial functions in news organizations
The term "yellow journalism" comes from... A popular comic strip carried by the New York newspapers in late 19th century
The term "journalism of assertion" as it is used by the authors of your textbook refers to... Journalism that has not undergone verification
Speaking of what he missed most during the time he was held as prisoner of war by N. Vietnamese, he missed "free undistorted, abundant information" who was this? John McCain
What is one of the questions that journalists should ask when considering the use of anonymous sources. One is... What, if any, motive might the source have for misleading us?
Recent story of the times by Jim Dwyer corrected a story about what? A man who claimed to have been mugged when leaving a New York City subway station
The awareness instinct refers to the idea that people crave news out of basic instinct TRUE
The authors believe that truth in journalism is a protean thing that, like learning, grows like a stalactite in a cave drop by drop over time TRUE
According to the authors, if coverage of a particular story threatens to offend an advertiser, the business side of the organization should make the call that the story should not be pursued FALSE
Recent issues of the NYT reports that Yahoo is abolishing its work-at-home policy and ordering everyone to work in the office TRUE
Authors of the book believe that unless all stories that journalists work on are fair and balanced they will not be truthful FALSE
Name of the german printer who developed moveable type_____ Johannes Gutenberg
______ is the term used by the authors to describe the obligation of journalists to tell readers how they know what they know Transparency
The _____ refers to the intrinsic human need to know what we cannot directly observe Awareness Instinct
In the film "All the President's Men" reporters ______ and _______ investigated the cover-up of the Watergate break-in by the ________ administration Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward, Nixon
Coverage of the ______ war was characterized by fierce competition between the New York _____ and the New York _______ ?, World, Journal
Al Gore was widely misquoted in news stories about his relationship to a toxic waste site in upstate New York called ________ Love Canal
Journalists at the __________ newspaper became enraged over the paper's secret deal with the _____ to share advertising revenues for an edition of the Sunday magazine devoted to the opening of LA sports arena LA Times, Staples Center
The American Journalism Review in 2003 stated that _______ "are the sole remaining mass medium in each local market, so they are essential in only informing readers but also creating a sense of cohesion within a community" ? Journalists?
According to the authors, the clear theory and philosophy of news that remained constant and enduring is: The primary purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with the information needed to be _____ and _______ Free, Self-Governing
Recent coverage in the NYT included stories about activists of French military to help officials in North African nation of ______ where Timbuktu is located, deal with Muslim extremists Mali
Characteristic of the appropriate relationship between the journalistic and business operations of a news organization is that _______ should have the final say over the news Journalists
Element of journalism that is the subject of Chapter 2 is: Journalism's first obligation is to the______ Truth
The element of journalism that is the subject of Chapter 4 in the book says: "The _____ of journalism is the discipline of _______" Essence, Verification
19th Century New York newspaper owner associated with the term "yellow journalism" William Randolph Hearst
Conservative columnist hired by the NYT to balance the predominance of liberal columnists on its opinion pages William Safire
The newspaper where Ben Bradlee worked Washington Post
Expresses the goal of reporting responsibility Without fear or favor
Advice of "Deep Throat" Follow the money
American Society of Newspaper Editors Code of ethics emphasizing journalistic independence
Masquerading Journalist poses as someone else to get story
First American Newspaper Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestic
Truth should be a defense against libel "Cato"
Example of citizen journalism Blogosphere
Secret government-written history about the war in Vietnam Pentagon Papers
Carl Bernstein Best obtainable version of the truth
Journalists believing in nothing Journalistic nihilism
Richard Jewell "Voice of God" approach in Atlanta bombing
NYT coverage of recent breaking news story over several days Superstorm Sandy
The name of prominent columnist who was hired by the NYT following work as a speechwriter in the Nixon White House is... William Safire
Maggie Gallagher is cited by the authors as... Her comments on the line between journalism and activism, but who later failed to disclose that she had been paid by the department of human services to promote Bush's marriage to strengthen families
The Journalism of Affirmation refers to... An approach to journalism that purports to be neutral, while using the language and form of balance to create a kind of propaganda
Authors of the book believe that the watchdog role of journalism... Is threatened by a new kind of corporate conglomeration, which effectively may destroy the independence of the press to perform their monitoring role
Form of investigative journalism listed in textbook (3) Original investigative reporting, Interpretive investigative reporting, Reporting on Investigations (all of the above)
Journalism must provide a forum for public criticism and... Compromise
Host of Hardball who made an on-air apology about a report naming Cody Shearer as the person who threatened a woman who had charged President Clinton with groping her is... Chris Matthews
Example of what Deborah Tannen described as the Argument Culture is... Crossfire
Book discussion of the obligation of journalists to provide people with information they need to understand the world is referred to in chapter 8 as storytelling with... A purpose
CBS 60 Minutes aired an emotional segment about gun control that focused on the views of ... Parents of Sandy Hook victims
Issue in NYT corrected information that was reported in a story that ran the previous day. What was the story about? A man whose failure to repay a loan from a fellow resident of a refugee camp in Afghanistan meant that his 6 year old daughter would be forced to marry the lender's 17 year old son
According to Al Tomkins of the Poynter Institute, Valerie Crane's research tells journalists... Not just what people are watching, but why they are watching?
Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd Were forced to leave the NYT following the discovery that a reporter had been engaging in fabrication and deception while reporting and writing stories over a period of several years
The NBC Dateline correspondent who narrated a report about rigged crash tests that purported to show gas tanks in General Motors trucks exploding into flames is... Michele Gillen
Authors of book believe that politicians who enlist the help of journalists to craft speeches are generally trying to ensure favorable coverage rather than genuinely wanting their contributions to the speech TRUE
The term Fourth Estate refers to the idea that journalism as an industry best serves society when editors and reporters function as members of society's aristocracy FALSE
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's investigative report "The Color of Money" exposed racial discrimination by lending institutions in Atlanta and led to significant reforms in lending policies in banks throughout the country TRUE
The best way for journalism to serve as a public forum is to focus on opinions at the extreme ends of the spectrum of public opinion rather than trying to include broad areas of agreement FALSE
One advantage of pursuing a strategy of infotainment is that it attracts new audiences, while at the same time retaining the interest of audience segments who seek serious news FALSE
The element of journalism that's subject is "Journalists must maintain an _____ from those they cover" Independence
The name of the news channel headed by Rupert Murdoch that features the slogan "Fair and Balanced" is _____ Fox News
The term "opinionated reporting as used in the textbook is associated with former NYT columnists ______ William Safire
The documents involved in a 1971 investigative report by the NYT that revealed public deception on the part of the government about the war in Vietnam were known as_______ Pentagon Papers
_______ is based on a technology that allows articles to be created and modified by multiple people Wikipedia
Investigative reporting that is packaged by TV news consultants who provide local stations with scripts, shots and experts to interview are often referred to as _______ investigative reports Just Add Water
The name applied to early American journalism that served the function of promoting the views of a particular political party was the ______ press Partisan
The interview by Barbara Walters on ABC television with _______ focused on sex and emotion rather than information that was newsworthy Monica Lewinsky
The element of journalism where journalists must serve as an independent monitor of ______ Power
The name of the Supreme Court decision that forbade the government from restraining publication of any journal except when the story threatened "grave and immediate danger to the security of the United States" is Near vs. _______ Minnesoda
Peter Finely Dunne translated the watchdog principle to mean "comfort the _____ and afflict the _____" Afflicted, Comfortable
In 2004 comedian _________ appeared on CNN's _________ program, where he accused the program of "hurting America" Jon Stewart, Crossfire
Authors of book compare journalism to ______ to illustrate the need for journalists to make the news comprehensive and proportional Cartographers
Hour glass Inverted pyramid plus chronological narrative
NYT reporter reprimanded for participation in abortion rights demonstration Linda Greenhouse
Investigative news program launched by CBS in response to WP's Watergate stories 60 Minutes
Disgraced NYT reporter Jayson Blair
"America: Who Stole the Dream?" Investigative story by Philadelphia Inquirer
Katherine Graham Pentagon Papers publisher
"Waiting to Explode" Dateline
Lincoln Steffens Muckraker
Praised Reagan's debate performance George Will
Gay marriage Subject of Supreme Court cases that recently received extensive coverage by the NYT
Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate investigation Original investigative reporting
Interpretive investigative reporting Exemplified by the Pentagon Papers
"Committed observer" Journalist is not removed from the community
Rush Limbaugh Journalism of Affirmation
James Madison Journalism is a "bulwark of liberty"
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