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IV sterile Lec 9

lecture 9

Alkylating Agents (Mitomycin and Methotrexate) Drugs that bind to human DNA cells and stop their duplication
Antimetabolites Drugs used to treat cancer that substitute in or block the use of essential nutrients or enzymes
Antineoplastic agents Drugs used for the treatments of cancer
Cell Unit of structure of all animals and plants providing the make up for all tissues
Chemotherapy Treatment of cancer
Cytotoxic pharmaceutical agent that has capability of killing living cells
Genotoxic An agent that is capable of damaging the DNA thus leading to mutation
Leukemia treatments Vinblastine and Oncovin
Malignant A type or tumor that invades healthy tissues and becomes progressively worse
Mitosis An ongoing cell division process by which the number of chromosomes of the daughter cell are copied from the parent cell
Mitotic Inhibitors Used to inhibit tumor growth by destroying microtubles which are essential for cell structure and mitosis
Neoplastic New abmormal tissue formation
Testicular Cancer treatment drugs Ifosfamide, etoposide, dactinomycin
Vanca Alkaloids used to inhibit tumor growth by destroying microtubles which are essential for cell structure and mitosis
Cytarabine S Phase
Bleomycin G2 Phase, M Phase
Floxuridine G1 Phase, S Phase
Vinblastine M Phase
Docetaxel Cytotoxic agent; should be mixed in glass containers
Mechlorethamine Mitomycin cytotoxic agents; should be diluted with NaCl instead of D5W
Acyclovir Dopamine Metronidazole IV admixtures; should NOT be refrigerated when dispensing
Vecuronium Bromide Ganciclovir Powder Polymixin B Sulfate injectables; should NOT be stored in the refrigerator
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