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Sterile IV LEC 7

lecture 7

What is coring? Part of the rubber stopper from a med. vial is broken off by incorrect needle insertion or too many sticks
Micoorganisms Living organisms; bacteria, molds, and fungi; not visible to the naked eye
Particulate Matter Extraneous undissolved substances that are present in parenteral solutions
Pyrogen A substance capable of causing fever
Spore Microorganisms w/ special protective shell
Sterile The absence of any ive bacteria or other microorganisms
Sterilization Process of removing destroying all viable forms of microorganisms
Requirements an intravenous solution Free of particulate matter Clear but not nessarily colorless Stable tonicity Stable pH Sterile Free of pyrogens
What is particulates? Undissolved mobile substance present in a parenteral solution and are vey harmful, possibly fatal
Where are particulates found? Glass, rubber, paper-like fibers, spores, dust, cosmetics, hair follicles flakes and precipitates incompatibilities
How to prevent spread of particulae matter? Restrict traffic entering the clean area Wash hands frequently and properly Clean all surfaces proerly and frequently (drugs and the hood) Use proper techniquesUse filter needle Always visually check Never bring unecessary items Clean flow hood
Isotonic solutions Same number of dissolved substances as blood serum; safest type of solution; .9% NaCl and D5W
Hypotonic solutions Lower concentration of dissolved substances than blood serum; may lead to cells bursting; Water .45% NaCl and D2.5W
What is pH of a solution? It's degree of acidity or alkalinity; scale range frm 0-14
Most to least acidic pH 0-6
Neutral pH 7
Least to most alkaline pH 8-14
Normal pH of plasma 7.4
What happens when pH becomes too acidic or alkaline? Causes discomfort to the patients; can damage the veins or blood vessels
Thermal sterilization Works on basis of either moist heat or dry heat; which causes death by oxidation
Dry heat sterilization Performed in oven; temps 140-260C; useful against non aqueous solutions and dry chemicals
Moist heat streilization performed in an autoclave; glass ampules, bulk solution and glassware are easily sterilized
Chemical sterilization Chemical agents to prevent the micoorganism stops proteins from developing and growing
What is the most common chemical agent used in chemical sterilization? Ethylene oxide
Filtration sterilization Easiest and most frequently
Sterilization 160C 120-180 mins 170C 90-120 mins 180C 45-60 mins
Depyrogenation 230C 60-90 mins 250C 30-60 mins
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