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Heiny-IED column 1

acceleration to assesment

acceleration the rate of change of velocity with time. Some typical unites of acceleration are meters per second per second (m/s2),feet per second per miles per hour per second (mi/hr-s)
accuracy The degree of conformity of a measured or calculated quantity to its actual value
aesthetics Having to do with appearance a branch of philosophy that deals with human response to visual philosophy that deals with human response to visual stimuli leading to judgements about the things we see These judgements
alternating current(AC) electricity that is constantly switching the direction of flow. It is also often the case that the alternating current is sinusitis in form; that is it has a shape like a sine wave in time.
analysis the detailed examination of the elements or structure of something.
angle the amount a line needs to be rotated to bring the line into coincidence with another line.
anthropometric the branch of science that deals with human measurement by describing human size, shape, and other physical characteristics. Anthropometric data are available for designers in statistical form.
architect A professional who designs residential and commercial structures
assembly line a manufacturing process for the ass production of a product that involves adding interchangeable parts in sequence.
assessment an evolution technique that requires benefits and risks of understanding the trade offs and determining the best actions
resistive or adaptive technology Products , device or equipment whether acquired commercially modified or customized that are used to maintain increase or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities (Assistive Technology) Act of 1998
audience an identified group of people whose characteristics are of interest to a designer for product development purposes.
Created by: Trachauna H
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