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Heiny-IED column 6

iteration-manufacturing process

Iteration the act of repeating a set of procedures until a specified condition is made
Jig devices that help guide a tool for machining operation
kinematics a branch of engineering machinics that studies motion without regard to the force or mass of the things being moved
lateral thinking thinking that follows unconventional paths, sometimes called low probability thinking
left brian the left hemisphere of the cerebellum where it is believed linear, verbal, analytical, and logic information processing are favored
life-cycle cost the total cost of a product that includes the amount spent on energy.
linear perspective an opproximent representation on a flat surface of a image as it is percieved by the eye
luddities An 18-centry group from england who wanted to halt technology processing by smashing thenew weaving machines
Machine a device that is capable of transforming energy to accomplish a task
manufacturing process the transformation ofraw material
Created by: miguel2850