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week 1 phm 111

final notes

What are the 3 categories for OTC drugs by the FDA? Generally recognized as safe and effective (GRASE), Not GRASE, cannot determine if GRASE.
The purity of a product means what? The lack of contamination from environmental factors.
Potency refers to what? The strength of the drug.
Bioavailability is what? The % and rate of a drug that is absorbed and transported to the affected site.
Efficacy is the ability to what? Of a drug to produce the desired effects in the body.
FDA approval stages for OTC drugs Phase 1, advisors evaluate the drug, phase 2 a review is done by the FDA and phase 3 is when the monograph is published on the drug.
Asprin has been associated with what syndome Reye's syndrome
What substance is used to treat od of asprin? Activated Charcoal.
How do antihistamines work? They block the histamine receptors.
You should avoid what substance while taking sleep aids? Alcohol.
What things two things are used to treat acid in the stomach? h2 antagonists and proton pump inhibitors.
What factors cause errors to occur with medications? ambiguous strength labeled on drug containers excessive workload failure to transcribe properly handwriting, calculations, labeling errors and look-a-like drugs
Warfaron is given for what? to prevent clots that can cause strokes and heart attacks
The most common od's are? herpain, insulin and KCi
Many errors occur do to suffix errors. T or F? T.
Warnings in a drug box are called? Black box warnings
The black box warnings inform you of what? any serious adverse effects.
ASHP is responsible for what of our program? The curriculum.
The steps in our reconciliation are what? Verification, clarification and reconciliation.
The nervous system consists of what? Sensory neurons posistioned throughout the body.
What are the four major functions of the NS are what? Transmisson of impilse from the sensory neurons to the CNS, interpretation of impluses sent to the CNS and transmission of a response, cordination of the activities and maintance of homeostasis.
The adult brain weighs what? 1.4 kg (3lbs)
The brain contains 100 billion neurons. T or F? True.
the somatic system does what? Relays motor impluses to skeletal muscles throughout the body.
The autonomic does what? transmits motor impluses to smooth muscle.
What are dendrites? the extensions that receives electrical impluses.
Special insulations is called what? The myelin sheath.
Bundle of cell bodies are called what? ganglions.
The electrical impluses are transmitted from one neuron to another is called what? Neurotransmitters.
The primary function of the afferent branch is to what? transfer information via electrical impluse fromt he peripheral area to the CNS.
Efferents are the ______ neurons. Motor.
The three stages of nerve transmission are what? polarization, depolarization and repolarization.
What are the meninges? thin covering lining the inside of the bones.
The PNS is further divided into what two systems?` autonomic and somatic.
The sympathetic divisons is responsible for what? The fight or flight.
The main organs where the sympathetic system is activated are what? Heart, lungs, blood vessels, digestive system, urinary system, liver, eyes, adrenal medulla and sweat glands.
The main neurotransmitters of the sympathetic system are what? norepinephrine and epinephrine.
The main neurotransmitter of the parasympathetic system is what? acetylcholine.
Two types of cholinergic agents are what? parasympathomimetics and anticholinergics.
Central acting medications do what? Depress the CNS
Diirect acting meds do what? Work directly on the muscles.
Myasthenia Gravis is what? A rare autoimmune disorder that affects the transmisson of electrical impluses fromt he CNS to the muscles throughout the body.
A stroke is a what? A disruption of the blood flow or the leakage of blood outside the vessel walls.
What is epilepsy? A seizure disorder.
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