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Cumulative Vocab1


Abeyance Suspension; a condition of being temporarily set aside.
Acquiesce To agree or accept passively or without protest.
Acuity Sharpness of vision or perception.
Acumen Quickness and Keenness with certainty, especially through examination or experimentation.
Affidavit A written statement made under oath before an official.
Ambivalence The presence of conflicting or opposing ideas or feelings.
Arbitration The process in which parties involved in a dispute allow an impartial party to settle their differences.
Ascertain To discover or determine with certainty, especially through examination or experimentation.
Aspersion Attacks on a person's character or honesty; damaging or unfavorable remarks.
Augment To add to; to increase the size, extent or quantity of.
Beseech To request earnestly; to implore or beg.
Bona fide Authentic; genuine; not counterfeit or copied.
Candor Honesty
Catharsis A purifying or refreshing release of emotional tension, especially as an effect of tragic drama.
Collateral Property that is pledged as security for a loan, so that if the loan is not repaid, the property is taken in it's place.
Compunction A strong uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt; a sting of conscience or pang of guilt.
Contingent Conditional; dependent on other things.
Contentious Given to quarreling; argumentative.
Crux The main, central or critical point or feature.
Culminate To reach the highest point or degree; climax.
Derision Hateful or mocking laughter; ridicule.
Elicit To bring out or call forth.
Fatalism The belief that all events are determined in advance by fate or destiny.
Flora Plants considered as a group, particularly those of one region or period.
Horticultural Relating to tending or growing plants.
Impeccable Having no flaws; perfect; incapable of sin or wrongdoing.
Implicate To involve or connect intimately or incriminatingly.
Implicit Implied or understood though not directly expressed.
Ingenuous Unable to deceive; openly straightforward.
Injunction A command, a directive or an order.
Liquidate To settle a debt, claim or other obligation by selling property or goods.
Motif A short rhythm or melody repeated or evoked many times in a work of music.
Ostracize To banish or exclude from a group; to shun.
Panacea A remedy for all diseases, evils or difficulties; a cure-all.
Perjure Lie under oath.
Providential Happening favorably; divine intervention.
Quota Amount
Security Document showing ownership.
Status Quo The existing condition or state of affairs.
Tangential Slightly Relevant.
Tenet A principle or belief held by a person or an organization.
Theoretical Restricted to ideas; abstract or unproven.
Vulgar Language of the common people.
Volatile Tending to vary often or widely, as in price.
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