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IV sterile LEC 3


Parts of a syringe Tip (MBS), barrel, and inner core plunger (MBS)
Parts of a needle Hub, bevel, heel, lumen (inside dimension of needle), gauge(larger the gauge smaller the opening), and length
Single dose containers Ampules and syringes Vials that do not contain preservatives
Multiple dose containers Aerosol cans and vials that contain preservatives
What is a spike? Used to puncture the rubber diaphragm located inside admin. set
What is a drip chamber? Used to calculate the rate at which the solution is being infused
What is a Roll clamp? Used to regulate the rate of infusion
What is a Additive Port? Used to add medication to the admin. set which will be pushed into vein
What is a needle adaptor? Used to connect the admin. set to the catheter
What is a Filter Device? Used to prevent the intro. of particulate matter
What does a prefilter? Pulls room air into the hood; removes dust, lint, and other large contaminants are removed
How often must a prefilter be checked/cleaned/changed? Monthly basis
What is a HEPA Filter? High efficiency particulate air filter; removes particulates and microorganisms from the air that are .7 microns and larger
What doesn't the HEPA filter remove? Vapors or gases
Where is the HEPA filter located? At the back of the hood facing the preparer on the horizontal airflow hood
How often must the HEPA filter be checked? Every 6 months
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