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Physics 1 Unit 1

Physics Unit 1

what is physics? the study of interactions of matter & energy in all their diverse forms
what is radiologic physics? the study of the behavior of xrays, origin, and nature
What makes up laws? data makes up the laws from facts that clearly define natural occurences
what makes up a theory? laws makeup a theory; correlation of various laws in order to determine their conformity to a general pattern.
what is a unit? a quantity; adopted as a standard of measurement. can be used to measure quantities of the same kind
What are base quantities? quantities that are reserved and form the base of all other units
What is another name for base quantities? fundamental units
what are the 3 base units of all systems? length, mass and time
what are the 4 systems of units? british, SI, MKS, CGS
what are derived units? units that arrived by mathematically manipulating base quantities
what are special units? used to express special quantities that apply to certain fields
what is mechanics? deals with objects in motion or at rest
what is velocity? rate of change of its position with time. V= d/t
What is acceleration? rate of change of velocity with time
what is the unit for acceleration? m/s^2
what is the formula for acceleration? a= velocity (f) - velocity (o) / t f=final; o=original
what are Newton's 3 laws of motion? law of inertia, definition of force, for every action there's an opposite and equal reaction
what is weight? (Wt) force on a body caused by a downward pull of gravity on it.
what is the formula for weight? Wt=mg; weight= mass * gravity
T/F: the closer you are to the center of gravity, the greater the amount of pull. true
what is the formula for momentum? p=mv; momentum= mass * velocity
what is the law of conservation of momentum? total momentum (p) before an interaction is equal to the total momentum (p) after interaction.
what is work? force applied to an object times the distance over which it is applied W=fd
what is power? the rate at which work is done (P)= work/time
What is Energy? the ability to do work
what is the law of conservation of Energy? energy cannot be created nor destroyed but CAN be converted from one energy to another.
what is heat? the random & disordered motion of molecules
What is heat measured in? calories
what is a calorie? 1 calorie is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celcius.
Convert 58 degrees Fahrenheit into Kelvins. 287.4 K
Convert 56 degrees Celcius into Fahrenheit. 132.8 F
what are the 3 methods of heat? conduction, convection, and thermal radiation
what is conduction? transfer of heat through a material or by touching
what is convection? mechanical transfer of hot molecules in a gas or liquid from one place to another; molecules get heated & become less dense making them rise
what is thermal radiation? transfer of heat by the emission of infrared radiation
what is the unit of Energy? ev (voltage)
what is the property of matter that acts to resist a change in it's state of motion? inertia
what is the historical unit to express exposure? Roentgen
Push or pull on an object defines what? force
The SI unit of absorbed dose is what? Gray
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