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Italian Expressions

A list of common expressions.

anch'io me too
boh! I don't know!
bravo/a well done, good for you
cavarsela to get by
me la cavo I get by
te la cavi bene you get by just fine
d'accordo agreed
davvero really
dov'e'? where is?
e' aperto it's open
e' chiuso it's closed
e' il massimo it's the greatest
(non) e' vero it's (not) true
esatto exactly
fare un giro to go for a stroll
figurati don't mention it
ma scherzi you're joking
non vedo l'ora di... I can't wait to...
per la prima volta for the first time
prego you're welcome
essere stanco to be tired
ti presento... let me introduce you to...
va bene Ok, that is fine
davanti a in front of
dietro a behind
lontano da far from
vicino a near
accidenti darn it
aiuto help
che bello how nice
che (bella) giornata what a (great) day
che peccato too bad
ci troviamo... let's meet...
come mai how come
come sei bravo/a you're good (at something)
di solito usually
due miei amici two of my friends
essere in ritardo to be late
essere preparato/a to be prepared
figurati just imagine
magari it would be nice, perhaps, if only
mamma mia wow, gosh
meno male thank goodness
mi dispiace I'm sorry
per fortuna luckily
purtroppo unfortunately
quando ci vediamo when can we see each other
tra cinque minuti in five minutes
vorrei I would like
Created by: JNWorley