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pivot point chapter 10

The art of dressing and arranging hair to create temporary changes in the form and texture of the finished hairstyle is... Hairstying
What is the most popular styling method used today? Thermal styling
Molding, classic finger waves, and setting the hair with rollers and pincurls to create long-lasting styles are considered... Wet styling
What are the three primary considerations to make before creating a hairstyle? Form, texture, direction/movement
What is the three-dimenionsal result of a specific arrangement of lengths across the head? Form
More or less equal length and width in the overall style is considered which shape? Circlular
More width than length in the overall style is considered which shape? Triangle
More length than width in an overall style is considered which shape? Oval
Waves, curls, spiral curls, crimped texture or any combination or those are considered... Texture
Generall classified as curved or straight... Movement
Classified as either curved or parallel... Distribution
Lines that radiate outward from a single point are called? Radial
When the hair is worn with a center part, what face shape works the best? Oval
What face shape is considered "ideal"? Oval
What is the name given to the process of combing wet hair into the desired position? Molding/Shaping
The most common straight shapes are the square, rectangle and... Triangle
Generally rectangle shapes are used to move the hair in one direction. What direction is that? Away from the face
Curved shapes or sections include circles, ovals, and... Oblongs
A single oblong creates a "C"-shaped movement. When two oblongs alternate, they create a(n) ___-shaped movement or wave. S
Lines that subdivide shapes or sections to help distribute and control the hair are known as... Partings
What kind of partings to you need to use in order to create triangle-shaped bases? Radial
The diameter of the curl is determined by what? The diameter of the tool or pincurl.
What are the threee components of a curl? Base, stem, circle
What is another name for the stem? Arc
The section of hair on which the roller, thermal iron or round brush is placed is called.. The base
The hair between the scalp and the first turn of the hair around the roller, thermal iron, or round brush is known as... The stem
The hair that is postioned around the roller, thermal iron, or round brush is called... The circle
What determines the size of the curl? The cirlcle
The area between straight or curved parting within a shape is known as... The base
The combination of the size of the base and the position of the curl in relation to the base is called... Base control
___ _____ used within a hairstyle affects the amount of volume or closeness achieved. Base cointrol
The most commonly used base sizes are 1 diameter (1X), 1.5 diameters (1.5X), and _ ______ 2 diameters
Created by: meggo914