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CJHS 2nd Semester

Islam Dominant religion in the Middle East
Christanity Dominant religion in Russia, North America, Australia.
Buddhism Dominant religion in East & South East Asia
Hinduism Dominant religion of India & South Asia.
Caste System Social arrangement unique to India.
Sahel Border region of the Sahara Desert in Africa.
Henotheism Belief in one god without denying other gods
Subcontinent A large piece of land separated by mountains from an even larger piece of land in south Asia
Cold War Name given to the global conflict between the U.S. and U.S.S.R.
Karl Marx Founder of Communism
Makkah Most important city in the religion of Islam located on the Arabian Peninsula.
Chernobyl Location of worst nuclear power plant explosion in world history.
Fertile Crescent Location of Mesopotamia and the world’s first known culture hearth.
Palestine Disputed land between Jews and Arabs.
Soviet Union A political organization of 15 republics that was dominated by Russia and Communism.
5 Pillars of Faith Requirements faithful Muslims must complete.
Industrial Revolution Period in World History that saw the invention of the steam engine
Persian Gulf Body of water separating Saudi Arabia from Iran.
Monsoon Seasonal winds in South & South East Asia.
OPEC A group of countries that control a large portion of the world’s petroleum.
Created by: Mr.Day



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