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Vocab 27- Terms

reticent (adjective) Disinclined to speak out; reserved or restrained
retroactive (adjective) Applying or referring to a period prior to enactment
reverberate (verb) To echo over and over again; to resound
revere (verb) To hold in gret awe
rudiment (noun) A basic principle
ruminate (verb) 1. To chew cud (In this sense
ruse (noun) An action or device designed to confuse or mislead
sacrilegious (adjective) Wickedly disrespectful of sacred or revered things
salient (noun) 1. An outward projection in a military position; anything that protrudes beyond its surroundings (adjective) 2. Prominent or consipicuous
sanctimonious (adjective) Making a great but insincere show of being holy or righteous
sanguine (adjective) 1. Reddish or ruddy 2. Cheerfully confident or optimistic
satellite (noun) 1. A natural or artificial body revolving around a celestial body of larger size 2. A country that is under the domination or influence of a larger or more powerful country (adjective) 3. Dependent
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