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Final Review t/g

Ceftizox Ceftizoxime
Biaxin Clarithromycin
Claforan Cefotaxime
Meforxin Cefoxitin
Rocephin Ceftriaxone
Bleph-10 Sodium Sulfacetamide
Cubicin Daptomycin
Primaxin Imipenem-Cilastatin
Dynabac Dirithromycin
Azulfidine Sulfasalazine
Ceclor Cefaclor
EES Erythromycin (Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate)
Dynapen Dicloxacillin
Invanz Ertapenem
Noroxin Norfloxacin
Gantrisin Sulfisoxazole
Zinacef Cefuroxime
Vantin Cefpodoxime
Nebcin Tobramycin
Fortaz Ceftazidime
Azactam Aztreonam
Declomycin Demeclocycline
Zyvox Linezoid
Synercid Quinupristin-Dalfopristin
Avelox, Vigamox Moxifloxacin
Cefzil Cefprozil
Duricef Cefadroxil
Ery-Tab Erythromycin-Base
Factive Gemifloxacin
Floxin Ofloxacin
Garamycin Gentamicin
Kantrex Kanamycin
Lorabid Loracarbef
Maxipime Cefepime
Omnicef Cefdinir
Pediazole Erythromycin-Sulfisoxazole
Timentin Ticarcillin-Potassium Clavulanate
Unasyn Ampicillin-Sulbactam
Zosyn Piperacillin-Tazobactam
Norvir Ritonavir
Duragesic, Sublimaze, Actiq Fentanyl
Stadol Butorphanol
Romazicon Flumazenil
Crixivan Indinavir
Epivir Lamivudine
Kaletra Lopinavir-Ritonavir
Combivir Lamivudine + Zidovudine
Relenza Zanamivir
Retrovir Zidovudine
Diprivan Propofol
Viracept Nelfinavir
Zerit Stavudine
Mestinon Pyridostigmine
Emla Lidocaine-Prilocaine
Abelcet, Ambisome, Fungizone Amphotericin-B
Lamisil Terbinafine
Nizoral Ketoconazole
Terazol Teraconazole
Vfend Voriconazole
Miltown Meprobamate
Pristiq Desvenlafaxine
Lexapro Escitalopram
Cymbalta Duloxetine
Anafranil Clomipramine
Azilect Rasagiline
Prostigmine Neostigmine
Elderpryl Selegiline
Cogentin Benztropine
Haldol Haloperidol
Clozaril Clozapine
Geodon Ziprasidone
Loxitane Loxapine
Abilify aripiprazole
Surmontil Trimipramine
Moban Molindone
Parnate Tranycypromine
Invega Paliperidone
Dalmane Flurazepam
Sonata Zaleplon
Aventyl, Pamelor Nortriptyline
Cylert Pemoline
Zarontin Ethosuximide
Cognex Tacrine
Rilutek Riluzole
Cerebyx Fosphenytoin
Lyrica Pregabalin
Comtan Entacapone
Trileptal Oxcarbazepine
Mysoline Primidone
Norpramin Desipramine
Dopar Levodopa
Requip Ropinirole
Parlodel Bromocriptine
Permax Pergolide
Symmetrel Amantadine
Tasmar Tolcapone
Prostigmin Neostigmine
Namenda Memantine
Razadyne Galantamine
Created by: alliebee212



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