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Pokémon Species

Name the Pokémon! (Kanto/Generation I)

___ PokémonPokémon Name
Seed Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur
Lizard Charmander
Flame Charmeleon/Charizard/Flareon/Moltres
Tiny Turtle Squirtle
Turtle Wartortle
Shellfish Blastoise/Kabuto/Kabutops
Worm Caterpie
Cocoon Metapod/Kakuna
Butterfly Butterfree
Hairy Bug Weedle
Poison Bee Beedrill
Tiny Bird Pidgey/Spearow
Bird Pidgeotto/Pidgeot
Mouse Rattata/Raticate/Pikachu/Raichu/Sandshrew/Sandslash
Beak Fearow
Snake Ekans
Cobra Arbok
Poison Pin Nidoran/Nidorina/Nidorino
Drill Nidoqueen/Nidoking/Rhydon
Fairy Clefairy/Clefable
Fox Vulpix/Ninetales
Balloon Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff
Bat Zubat/Golbat
Weed Oddish/Gloom
Flower Vileplume/Bellsprout
Mushroom Paras/Parasect
Insect Venonat
Poison Moth Venomoth
Mole Diglett/Dugtrio
Scratch Cat Meowth
Classy Cat Persian
Duck Psyduck/Golduck
Pig Monkey Mankey/Primeape
Puppy Growlithe
Legendary Arcanine
Tadpole Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath
Psi Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam
Superpower Machop/Machoke/Machamp
Flycatcher Weepinbell/Victreebel
Jellyfish Tentacool/Tentacruel
Rock Geodude/Graveler
Megaton Golem
Fire Horse Ponyta/Rapidash
Dopey Slowpoke
Hermit Crab Slowbro
Magnet Magnemite/Magneton
Wild Duck Farfetch'd
Twin Bird Doduo
Triple Bird Dodrio
Sea Lion Seel/Dewgong
Sludge Grimer/Muk
Bivalve Shellder/Cloyster
Gas Gastly/Haunter
Shadow Gengar
Rock Snake Onix
Hypnosis Drowzee/Hypno
River Crab Krabby
Pincer Kingler
Ball Voltorb/Electrode
Egg Exeggcute/Chansey
Coconut Exeggutor
Lonely Cubone
Bone Keeper Marowak
Kicking Hitmonlee
Punching Hitmonchan
Licking Lickitung
Poison Gas Koffing/Weezing
Spikes Rhyhorn
Vine Tangela
Parent Kangaskhan
Dragon Horsea/Seadra/Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite
Goldfish Goldeen/Seaking
Star Shape Staryu
Mysterious Starmie
Barrier Mr. Mime
Mantis Scyther
Human Shape Jynx
Electric Electabuzz/Zapdos
Spitfire Magmar
Stag Beetle Pinsir
Wild Bull Tauros
Fish Magikarp
Atrocious Gyarados
Transport Lapras
Transform Ditto
Evolution Eevee
Bubble Jet Vaporeon
Lightning Jolteon
Virtual Porygon
Spiral Omanyte/Omastar
Fossil Aerodactyl
Sleeping Snorlax
Freeze Articuno
Genetic Mewtwo
New Species Mew
Created by: mariobros12
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